Aug 15, 2017

Angels and Demons

I am peace 

if you won't make 
me torn
I am chaos 
for all the storms
Don't hit me hard
it will prick you back
I swear my demons 
will come alive
to make all fiends
to be blind
For the good 
I am no harm
If you go bad 
I am no fucking charm....

-Jasmeet 💕

Aug 7, 2017

Leaves of the four seasons

Context: To relate life with leaves of the four seasons

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One hot sunny day 
so bright, 
so shiny,
And summer green leaves are all I can see
I walked towards the beach
to feel the sky and the cool wavy breeze
to smell the sand and to have a deep chit-chat with the sea
Oh, summer leaves!
I wish I if could see this world
always like you, like the vines of green

Now, When the summer is gone 
All I could see,
The amber sun, and the falling leaves
The pitter-patter of splashes
and petrichor of the rain
This is autumn. 
Red, yellow, orange, golden and brown
Oh, fallen leaves!
We shall learn like you, the art of letting go
with the colors of the world around

The time has come
when I don't see leaves
Some trees are still green 
Some are devoid and full of grim
Scattered dead pieces of leaves on the ground
Cold, icy snow is all that is around
Cloudy sky and rarely is the sun
Oh, icy leaves!
just like you might feel 
We all have sense of shiver on our skin

And when they say
The grass is green, flowers are blooming
a little splash of rain 
and birds are back to sing
This is to call the new spring. 
Oh, greeny leaves!
I wish if I could hold this time
but this is life, pleasant but sometimes
tinged with sadness
and with ups and down
To another season, it moves on!!!

Jul 27, 2017

An inspirational note from my diary

An inspirational note from my diary- 

~Life will give you trail of tragic moments, find reasons to rejoice~ 

All those moments I have spent in darkness and felt very down in mouth, are not worth counted now. What I try to muse over, is to be happy, reminisce good times and spread only joyousness everywhere. 

This is a hard truth that nothing comes easy in life. It is filled with ups and downs. You might gotta see a lot of tragic moments, but, does that mean life is finished? Ahhh no, of course not!

No matter how huge is the problem, it always comes with an end. It has to have the end. I know it is easier said than done and very difficult to convince yourself to follow but this is a fact.

The only thing I realized in last few days is, life is a lie and death is the only certain truth you should have fear about. I know many of you would not believe and might strongly disagree. But I have seen it with my open eyes and felt it closely by my heart. Nobody wants your body to stay after your death. People will bury it, will take part in funeral and might obsolete in some time or years. Even your close ones can't abide and resist to have a cadaver near them. This is for probably two reasons. First, your soul is to get freedom and move to a new life. Second, perhaps body will decompose and nobody can bear that smell of dead body around. This is nature and something you have no control on. Even if you want you can't keep your loved ones near you after they are gone to heaven. I am not denying the fact that if your body runs smoothly, life will be easier to live it.

Speaking of which, don't give love too much to this mere body but love your life more fearlessly including fear of death. 

No matter how hard is the life with you , be always good with your own life and find reasons to rejoice!


May 23, 2017

An attempt to fathom the ocean

An attempt to fathom the ocean : This is how I have applied facilitation skills to train my 10 months old puppy, Sophie. 

My dear Sophie
In past few years, I have learned few techniques of facilitation which i applied on people and humans i.e. termed as stakeholders. These days, I am putting my facilitation skills to train my 10 months old puppy, named 'Sophie' (Labrador retriever). She is one of intelligent breeds. 

After giving her only 10 days of training, she now responds when I ask questions with limited words and I prefer to use one language so that she doesn't get confused. She now involves and participates in all activities with me. She understands few commands which she was completely aloof prior to training i.e. Sit, get up, behave, down, yes, no, go, come, fetch etc.

I have her personal training charter where I make notes whenever she wants me to understand her unfleshed behavior. I then involve myself to research, to know what her unsaid queries are; only by understanding her posters which is nothing but sometimes her dysfunctional actions. 

I underline my thoughts before I start giving her training since she still has a puppy head. After looking around at several well mannered 6 months old puppies, I have started engaging myself more with her. She used to jump on people a lot and now she is my well behaved little pup who sometimes gets delirious with joy. Now, we are one happy team. I never knew it was so simple even to apply on my pet. 

After spending 100s of dollars on dog trainers, I brought myself on board to understand the problem first. She was not learning something advanced when out with trainers once a week. Then, I deviated her to understand the purpose of training by assigning her a daily time schedule. After personally giving her few regular days training she now comes to me on her own when she is ready to go out for a walk. 

Isn't it amazing. My 10 months old puppy now shows me one happy face after I engaged myself with her little more to sort out the problem. Two things I could do, either I always keep her indoors and inside the crate or I give her freedom to choose to walk anywhere at home by her own choice. I gave her the choice to walk and talk freely. And, being free she considers herself empowered to make her own choice and decisions. Now she has my full focus as both guardian and a guide. She understands the role very clearly and reacts in the same way. 

Yes, this was facilitation which I applied on my pet and it worked. 

Summary of what I did- 

  • Understand the problem well.
  • Deliver the purpose of doing facilitation. 
  • Use vague language
  • Comprehend the power of questioning right
  • Be always on time and maintain the time schedule 
  • Work as a team
  • Inform clearly
  • Be clear of your role 
  • Make charters and notes 
  • Manage dysfunctional behavior
  • Give focus
  • Let others feel empowered
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May 3, 2017

पुरानी यादें ....

(c) Jasmeet Kukreja

~This is all about the old house where perhaps many of you have spent your precious childhood~

Those closed doors of old street,
Scattered pieces of broken glass,
And sound that resonated from every corner of my old house,
remind me my precious childhood a lot!
-Jasmeet 💕

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He knew he was dying and started living life in the place where there was no light yet he did not bury his hopes in the shadow of darkness.

It was unfathomable to him that he decided to die in the dark even before the death arrives and closes the door of his life forever. 

For him darkness was his only hope to live final days. 

When she asked why does he stay in the dark? 

He replied-

"Yeah I am closer to death. 
I have been living all my life seeing the light through it,
And always feared from the dark colored death...
I was sleeping all nights thinking it is just the dark,
I never knew this is going to be my only final path...
I did not see the glory of the moon and 
the beauty of its stillness,
Now I wanna see beyond the light and feel the pretty darkness,
Each day I find myself now closer to life than death,
I will soon be shining as a star after I am out of breath....
Darkness is my only abode where this dark sky looks much prettier than before, 
And where I have chosen my own death without blinking with a fear anymore......."

She was nothing but his own soul who had no fear either for life or death. She was not only inside him but resides in each one of us. 

Never let her know that you are dying because she would then only say-
We all consider life as a light and the other side of it is only darkness of death. Isn't?

Do you fear from death ??

-Jasmeet 💕

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Apr 27, 2017


 ©Jasmeet Kukreja

Don't ask , from where do I bring this emotions, sayings and words,

I welcome you in my house of heart,
every corner will appear to say something!
(खाना-ए-दिल - House of heart)
-Jasmeet 💕

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