Jan 10, 2011

'Learn to love yourself--------Relating to the Self'

Why we used to say that there is one GOD, one Soul and we all are reflections?
The physical body is irrelevant, look within yourself. It is the person you see beyond the person that is your actual self. When you find that person, you will ostensibly find GOD and meet inner-self.
In the moment of distress, the approach towards trouble is to plant your feet on ground, look adversity in the eye & deal within it. The art of loving is that do not neglect yourself, If it does not matter to love yourself then it`s hard to matter for others. You, yourself as much anybody in the entire universe deserve your own love and affection. Our complacence makes us happy and it rejuvenates to make others the same.

Can we try once to get rid of petulance and adherent to love yourself?
Yes, if you do so, The success will meet to your feet and plant the seed of happiness with diversity.Love is not placid & passive, But passionate & active. Love is living into the actions of human beings.

How many times you look into the mirror for yourself?
Daily, 2 or 3 times or.....ahaan lets try this..as u gaze your own reflection ...say different things, feel the shift in your physical posture, hug yourself, muscle tension & facial expressions and most important try to laugh with yourself or i must say with ur own repletion . I am sure you will be out of your all troubles.
But other way if you focus on your own faults always, you will most likely highlight the short-comings of others. The critical self talk will spill in to your conversation & you will be known as -ve person , a fault finder.The best way to come out is the self realization that something other than oneself is real.

Learn to love yourself , think +ve and act +ve, You will see then how happy and real you are in the mirror

Jasmeet Kukreja


  1. The self-love shouldn't surpass the limits of conceit, otherwise it can block one's head and then he/she ignores the truth only to prove his/her point. Be conscientious while you love yourself. Take a break n think whether the self love has changed into ego ,or ignorance of near n dear ones.Pamper yourself but always remain in the coolest state of mind so that your actions prove to be worthy.If you are acting in control n peace, then God is there to help you out.But if, your self- love overpowers the divin

  2. e serenity n you are acting to prove SELF, then there are devils who have taken complete control of you n your thoughts.
    BTW nice thoughts n vivid description. Keep illuminating us with your enriched experience in professional n personal life.


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