May 8, 2011

MAA (Mother)...........................

Last night, I missed you till the height
Feel myself distant & so got quite……..
I picked up my pen and started to write,
Miss you maa, wanna see your one sight……….

You are the one, who first held my hand,
The word I said maa & the word is so grand…….

Before my birth, I do not know who was i,
You gave me a life & my action was a cry………...

I felt like I was in heaven, when you held me in your lap,
The touch was of love & I fell in for a nap …………

The pain is over, you thought for a while,
You hug me closely & gave a big smile ……….

I giggled myself, when i saw in your eyes,
Shiny with brightness & so lovely voice ………

You rush me to save, when I walk & crawl,
I soil my clothes & you dressed me like a doll ……..

Slowly, I was growing & you taught me to walk,
You gave me a cheek when I said maa in my silly talks ………

Maa its only you who show me the pace & asked me to run,
To make me happy, you do funniest things just for fun ……….

You gave me a free hand, to know the world over,
I have learnt to dream & have a good head on my shoulder ………….

When I grew up as a girl, you taught me a lesson, 
Laugh & world will laugh with you, weep & you wl weep alone

Bring the change and makes everyone happy,
Thanks maa for giving me a life and making me snappy …………..

It’s been so long I am living miles from you,
But it makes me strong & a bolt from the blue ……..

I am growing from a girl & so as a woman,
I want to be like you maa & wanna be a good human ………..
With Love


  1. i dint knew u r equally gud in writing..!!

  2. Beautiful words. Perfect for a mom.

  3. beautifully written. even i stayed away for many years and i could relate to this post in many places (apart from getting dressed like a doll :D)

    happy mother's day to you too :)

    1. :-) u know i posted that too early ..MOther`s day is actually on May 13,2012 bt ya got a chance to celebrate with maa for whole week now :)

  4. Hey jasmeet,

    Awesome poem, ur mom's surely gonna cry :)
    keep it up

    1. thx Ashish for liking it ... but i dont wanna see tears of any mother in the world ...i wish if cud take over on my eyes before they cry .......

  5. Very beautiful and touching poem Jasmeet. There is no one in this world quite like a Mother. Loved it. :)

    1. thanks a ton Akshay ..the bond with a mother is precious...
      feel so glad if my words r touching everyone's heart......

  6. Very nice....Your mom should be proud of you :)

    1. m grateful for your exclusive comment :) thanks u so much

  7. Replies
    1. welcome in my blog subhra :)
      n thanks for liking it

  8. lovely , in our busy life we forgot about our moms
    loved every word of the poem !!
    Read this poem from me

  9. this is awesome.
    read this

  10. @Rahul : ur poem too its like bachelor's story :D

  11. wonderful poem... you mom must be proud of you for this. :)


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