Apr 20, 2012

Bikers – The Real Hero……… (Fiction Part-2)

The day i passed out from college, I was as keen as mustard to know the passion behind real riders may be because i was free from tutorials thenJ.
I had started looking for some cupid courses or was in a thought to prepare myself for post graduation (As i was in dilemma to be PG).
Most of my friends had joined corporate world, some made up their minds for CAT entrance and few spoilt brats followed their home business………

As always, funny incidence happened with me one day……..

I was in a queue to collect some PG entrance forms in a bank (it was last day of collection and many other were also queued up for their bank funds) and uncountable people were staring each other. It took me two hours (I was sweating badly..…) to collect required forms and when I was passing by the crowd, my envelope (around 10 pages inside) got shattered, it was too difficult to gather up those in such a damn rush!

Suddenly (chunky voice murmured …ouccccchhhhhh…), my head crashed with a guy as we both tried to pick those pages at the same time. He said ‘sorry’ for that and I said ‘thank-you’ to gave my envelope back .

Being embarrassed, I was in as speed as some dogs were in behind to bite me and guess what happened? That guy was one of my senior in college and before I could realize, he himself introduced (girls always be remembered may be because of lesser in count) and asked if I was in the same college and my name..…… ?As sooner I said yes the early he provoked me if he may drop me somewhere.

(I thought for a while…and back to my eagerness to know the passion of real riders)

I said – okay sir! (I was not in a mood to lose this chance).

He seemed to me decent (as i had been avoided by decent guy earlier), 6`feet, and whitish, ammm not bad. 
I was lost in my dream of first ride; at once his bike accelerated with a noise of broom…… broom….Ohhh I came back from open eyes dream and got scared. I was sitting like a baby waiting for her mamma’s arm to cover from backside. After 10 minutes of silence (when he realized he did not knew my destination)
he shouted (because of noisy road) - where do you stay?

(with smirk) explained the way (although it was difficult for me to shout exactly being near to his ears but I smartly managed to be distant). He was riding very smoothly(may be because of my fearful expressions).

Finally, I reached safely and was amazed with the experience internally, but......what was that?
His expression was so inconvenient (and surprised) when he saw my rented flat and before I could say anything, he asked- you stay here (surprisingly)?
I said (bravely) – yeah and not to worry no vampire did stay here (giggled).
He was confused (seems he wanted to say something): suddenly my roomy came in a balcony and gave a big smile to him (and i was watching them like an old lady gazing a couple) and rashly she came down, introduced him as her boyfriend……woohoooo what a crash! Fishhhhhhhhh

I was in the fear what my roomy would think now but not expected, she lovingly said thank you (when she got to know) to him for dropping me safely (as she was the one who knew me better in my friend circle, loved her for this).

Anyways, what a fishy incidence………!

 Now, without caring about with whom i was seated, just enjoyed a thought
 (in drowsiness at night) that my first ride was slow but awesome experience i had in a glamorous bike and it was like i was talking to the air.
I truly enjoyed the amazing feeling in roller-coaster dust and sunny weather. Imagine,  if that feel was so irrevocable being a back - seater than how it would be riding in a bike and talking to the blowing (sometimes fresh , full of dust, in hot and cool weather & in rain) air in front of glared eyes? Wow, (yeah ! I felt the same wow feeling as earlier my friends used to talk about in college). 
I did share my feeling about a ride to my sweetheart roomy (she was enjoying with cheesy statements ooohhh)

I was wishing if I would get more adventurous rides like I had have heard about rodies
(The wish straight from my heart).

Anyways, as the days passed, we three became good friends and started sharing all good and bad times.
(or can say i became the love guru and sort of mediator between the two in their fights)

But my dream still remained the same –
“a long ride in a speedy bike”………………
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(The content of this post has been truly written for “The Castrol Power1 Blogging Contest” and a theme is “what motorcycling means to the Indian motorcyclist”

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(This post is a work of fiction considering 'I' as fictitious and any resemblance to any person/place is coincidental)

With Love,
Jasmeet Kukreja


  1. just luv the way how u manage all these words.. :P

  2. As its a fiction..smewhr lacking the feel...sorry!!

    1. thanks Johny :P ....i just tried and for the feel i guess i wud have to experience the real long ride ;)

    2. Oh really?... U can join us for Leh-Laddakh Bike Trip this June...for the real long adventurous ride experience ;) :P

  3. This post is a work of fiction considering 'I' as fictitious and any resemblance to any person/place is coincidental or poorly covered up ;)


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