Apr 16, 2012

Bikers – The Real Hero……(Fiction Part-1)

Recalling the best ever College days, few unforgettable moments, tease and how we pull each others leg, not less than six to share a single lunch, never ended talks (for girls it was always a tutorial and for boys …guess? yeah always a talk of  rides or girls), hostel parties, night outs, unplanned dance party in a common room of  girls hostel and if luckily any of a girl’s balcony had the front view of main road it was hardly matter that  how much space available, every girl tried to chipped in with hidden look for a dashing and jaunty bike riders who used to pass by every other day …………….

I still remember an interesting excuse of one of our day scholars that she came late because the competition of bike riders trembled her in the wide open highway.

(In reality one of the biker was her boyfriend and hostlers got jealous when in her talks she was flying like a bird while in a ride)

I was less interested in such rides, bikers and wow feeling like my roomy had for her classmate accessories…. Yeah accessories! Not for him but for shiny Karizma (bike), stud helmet and obviously branded black glares. Just like her, mostly girls were mad for real bikers and the restless soul like me was left to hear-tear their experiences.

Unfortunately, One day I went alone to the market which was 45 kms far from our hostel and got stuck in a heavy rain. There was no chance to get the auto rickshaw or some conveyance easily as that place was in under progress. I was drained, my phone battery got dumped and was not getting any way to go back hostel.

 (I did not even remember my roomy cell number as I had a thought to borrow someone else’s mobile phone…alas!)

Right after waiting an hour, I saw one Hero Honda-Splendor+ and the silver look handles were held by a decent dressed guy. I was gazing him as if he was thinking to drop me but he kicked down the breaks near to the poor woman who was bit far from me with a little girl and 2-3 months old baby who was crying and suffering badly due to chilly weather. He asked the lady if he may help them in dropping by their destination. The lady filled with full bag of emotions and was giving blessings.  They flew away within a minute or two and that guy ignored me like I was nowhere available.

Anyhow, I managed to go back after sometime when rain was slow down. Sky was pouring with rain and the sun never shone from dawn to dusk. It poured with rain the entire night.

I had fallen in deep thought with keen reverence that bikers may not only be stylish but also simple, elegant, humble, helper…. depending on an individual and their interests too.

From that catch 22 situation, A biker became the real hero for me and actually they will always be for every girl but an adulation can be in different forms; Stylish, Decent, Dashing, Simple which ends with a common factor “Motorcyclist or Bike Rider”.

I was eager to know the real passion behind the heroes because now i was one of the fans of passionate Bike riders ……

Also, I was in a hope to experience the feeling of a long ride……..one day!

(Go Roadies!)

(The content of this post has been truly written for “The Castrol Power1 Blogging Contest” and a theme is “what motorcycling means to the Indian motorcyclist”

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(This post is a work of fiction considering 'I' as fictitious and any resemblance to any person/place is coincidental)

With Love,,
Jasmeet Kukreja


  1. aik baat batao...wo rider us lady ko lift diya tha ya tumhe...say truth only... :P

    1. Sharad : yeah for lady only, if it was for me then write up end could be romantic :P . the truth is i scribbled fiction for the contest :)

    2. @Jasz, waiting for part-2 :P

  2. Ha ha ha! Nice reason to change your perspective of Bikers or say, Real Bikers :)

    1. Thanks Punit for dropping by :)
      ya real bikers or heroes ;)

  3. jasmeetji
    That's the Bikers are. except few all are broadminded and helping.

    1. ya Pradipji, well said ! my concept of 'The real hero" is for the same ....broadminded riders :)


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