Apr 15, 2012

Loss – A beginning

The reason could be any,
If i lose or you lose,
what if someone loses before giving a birth.............

life is tough,
breathe in n out is easy,
no use if due to loss, birth loses its real worth.............

losses are not bad,
gives a way to things add,
no sense if you live life like a hell on the earth…………

bring solely a change,
be the reason of smile,
someone forgets to cry and holds the genuine mirth……….

Forget the loss,
Come up with a thought,
life is only one and chances are nil of getting rebirth………

Loss – “For some it is private and for many it is sharing,
             For some it is an end but for many it’s a beginning,

With Adore,


  1. Life is progression from one loss to another. In reality, what we gain are all virtual.
    Nice thought, penned unique.

    1. yeah , indeed a progression in getting a strong hold to come out from losses ........
      thx for dropping by mate :)

  2. to be true , one of the best poems i ve ever read /// ..

    1. @ Malay : Thank u for always reading my poems :)

  3. If i loss or you loss-? spelling mistake "lose"
    loss is not bad,-> cud have used losing is not bad
    but the feelings u wanted to convey were conveyed !
    Thanks ! a lovely deep poem !

    1. Oh yes..i dint noticed thru:) thanks for making it correct mate..thats we bloggers are here to correct and share with each other ..isn't :D


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