Apr 2, 2012

short story of a girl...............(For me being realistic is a path 2 success)

Few years back, I was not in an unusual state of panic in my personal life as today in my professional life, snooping everywhere to get the career growth. 
I was an average student and had never felt any kind of pressure on my back. I was like a free laughing bird who did not knew the way to fly but passionately following others as a cookie cutter. The day i realized my skills, Dad did not allow for that...ahhhh sad na ..anyways again i followed others to kept my mind on studies rather than Music and Classical dancing ....Finally cleared the Engineering Entrance and i was one of those 1000.. cookies who rush every year for the cupid colleges. In college i have had the simple funda to enjoy life that how to burn money. After passing years after year with full Masti and hostel life the actual countdown began of 6th semester in which i stressed myself to clear the company exams alas it was difficult for me.

One day i rolled out my mind into deep thought with keen reverence that now What Next........found the way and started preparing myself for that.It was really an inauspicious year that at final end the recession inflamed everywhere like a flood and no big organization came for the recruitment to entitle with secure future. As many other passionate Engineers, i was also an unemployed but a staunch believer. 

In 7th semester,I have got the chance to fulfill my second dream to be the part of Defence or to get an entry in to the Indian Air Fore Academy (IAF). It was my red letter day that i had cleared written, GDs and Picture Presentation all in one day in a fast track entry SSC exam. I still remember that i was appreciated by the Ground to Air Officer who took our 1st GD and felt highly motivated. Ahhh i was too happy and excited after getting an offer for rest 4 days journey in an IAF Academy , Dehradun. 8th-11th Jan ..the game of 4 days,  40 participants and one goal... interesting na.
After 5 GDs, few Psychological tests, physical /logical activities and personal Interview....at last we were at our final stage of conference Interview with 15 Officers sitting in a circular form and the verdict chair was in center....huhhhh it was the herculean task to make an eye contact with all of them but i performed well.
My heart got sobbed after  an announcement of the result that i was not through and only 10 people got selected for the final medical test ......But i was happy at least i did strive 
at the best to get my dream . Again a heart break!.......:(

 After my final year, I have started my career from the BPO sector. Although i had an offer  in telecom sector but my interest was to stay in NCR only and had no plans to relocate Bangalore. As the weeks passed, my spirit palpably started to lift up. Apparently like a restless soul, i soothed myself by spending months in the same organization even without my dreams were not close to met. I was earning little money but wishes were big. Sometimes i watch myself worry, but never consumed with worry and also felt as i got grumpsy, but never rageful.

Now after 5 years of  technology and life experience, i realized that i can also write well with little bugs which is human tendency hmmmm.... Finally i caught the meaning of 
What Next......................Nothing lasts forever till the time we get to know our own passion rather than following others. It is not an end of the story but the actual start of second phase of life which is still unknown and most awaited ...................... 

With lv....


  1. Strange...but connected!!
    Same here ... Confused :)

    1. hmmm its actually a common story thru which youngster passed by .......

  2. Totally second your thoughts in the last para...and hope you pursue your passion in music and dancing.

    1. ya Suyash ...will surely pursue that one day

  3. Hi Jasmeet,
    Its really nice to hear about you from this blog, It clearly depicts how simple you are and striving to fulfill your dreamz.
    Really like that.


    1. welcome in my blog Varun n thanks for sharing quote ,really nice :)

  4. i would like to share a link if you give me the permission...this person really inspired me and now i believe only thing...nothing is impossible in this world...just try it..and try it unless you succeed..

  5. Don't let anyone steal your dreams. I strongly believe in one thing..What the human mind can conceive and believe can also achieve. And I am sure you can do this if you can hold your dreams.



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