Apr 29, 2012

Your beautiful smile ………….. A Song

   A surprise shot by my colleague (Clicked by: Apoorv Saxena  )
I don’t know what’s the fear?
Being far or near…..
In deep inside dream,
I was holding your hand tight,
Suddenly i opened my eyes,
In the dark alone midnight,
I remember,
Ohhh dear!
How beautiful your smile …………..
Yeahhhhh your beautiful smile………..

I am feeling severe pain,
missing time of sizzling rain,
when I used to be sad,
you'r the one who hold my hands,
and told to stretch my lips
being alone,
getting into flips……..
but cherishing for a while,
Ohhh dear!
I miss your beautiful smile………….
Yeahhhhh your beautiful smile………..

I don’t know what to do?
to be subtle or screaming through….
I dreamt of blissful life,
with a view of ocean sight,
and when i see,
motion in waves,
I loud with hue and cry……..
You pass over in my dreams,
to obliterate my scream,
you’ll always a  blossom lily in the nile
Ohhh dear!
I love your beautiful smile………….
Yeahhhhh your beautiful smile………..

How can I forget?
the moment we last met,
an atrocious day,
and unforeseen your way,
I am just enduring life,
But my life spilled away……….
It was your last breathe,
I had have heard,
 But will always take heed,
 till I breathe and beguile,
Ohhh dear!
I remember your beautiful smile………….
Yeahhhhh your beautiful smile………..


P.S : An emotional poetic story and dedicated to all who have remarkable smile and for those who have lost their loved one`s accidentally.


  1. I'm drawn to guess,
    Something I see amiss
    Where she smiles
    But something else she cries

    A dozen expressions
    Mesmeric dimensions
    She wears that lovely smirk
    Though something makes her shirk

    I'll seize this chance
    To humbly sing to her life's balance
    It offers never, anything with ease
    Nor does it intend everlasting peace

    It will toss you around
    Like a futile toy found
    But in that lies the secret -
    Life's most riveting test

    When it makes you remember
    It seals that memory forever
    When it makes you cry
    You know that you are far from lie

    When it causes a fear deep
    It wants to strengthen your belief
    When it leads you through miseries galore
    It cements the glory of your character

    Though I lack in intellect
    To tell you an explanation perfect
    Why it splits us from ones
    Those who are dear to our hands

    All we can hope is that they're delivered
    To some heaven where peace is forever
    And we continue to live our life
    That's a gift despite being torn by strife

    For those who leave, watch our scars
    From distant spaces bet'n the stars
    They know our hurt and count our tears
    They'd never want us to be stuck here

    Instead, they'd say, with love
    'Cherish me, smile don't sob
    Whenever you think of our days
    A joy you must feel like the warm sunrays’

    - Anupam

    (Jasmeet, I know not for whom you've written your heart touching poem. But I was so moved by your words, that I had to write something. It came naturally.

    I'm extremely Sorry for having written on your space. But its all in noble intention. I hope it renders some strength to those who might need it....)

    1. Thanks a ton Anupam :)
      a positive ray in ur words .... loved it

  2. and here we got our Indian wordsworth ..... beautifully written dear..

  3. dost..pic to jabardast lagaya hai tumne...keep smiling...this was for ur pic...and for ur writing..u know... :)

  4. Isn't lovely and sweet!!! I loved reciting it and it's really sweet of you to dedicate it...

    1. thanks a ton saru :) ur comments truly means a lot to me coz that definitely inspired me to come up further with smthing newone ......

  5. is that ur picture
    you are as beautiful as this song !!!! ;)

  6. That's a nice your friend has shot..:) And a humble gesture on your part to dedicate a poem to all those people with a beautiful smile..:)

  7. It's good to see a techie person writing such a lovely heart touching poem.

    I really like the X effect of a person. Your is poetic stuffs. Keep rocking \m/

    1. this Alien coders :) nice jassics thanks for appreciating it :) nd btw wt exactly u meant by X effect :D


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