May 2, 2012

Remains of Life ………………..

Picture Credits: Amit Dhaka
Is this picture giving you any click to observe the meaning of post title in your mind …or you are still trying to pull out your thoughts from the heart…………
I am gonna tell how and what I felt when I saw this …………?

Few days back, I was watching some electrifying pictures at friend’s FB account.
Undoubtedly i was enjoying all awe-inspired international piks and obviously, like every Indian i was amazed too who has never visited at ocean view sight, color like green eyes and people were mesmerizing all around with their cheesy bites. Suddenly, i raised up eyebrows , my eyes shirked the view, lips were almost taking side flips, and was trying to pull over a thought is that ....i am also gonna be like when my life will get an end or is this the reality of unspoken, unheard living being who is unable to stop gluttonous appetite in killing her but making herself the food so that ravenous can survive?

(The shot is touching, idea was also great to capture but still i did not even clicked ‘Like’ button on that pik, the reason may be i was disheartened by the view of painful end).

Certainly, it is not just a digital camera click to show off people but yes an intentional heartened shot captured with an idea that yes …..This is ……
Remains of life…………………….
Touching shot indeed!

Picture Credits: Amit Dhaka
How arduous is the life?
 this i ponder upon for a while,
one stamp out other
to satisfy appetite,
and living with smile.
But the one who died
Unspoken, unheard
condition is so dread,
are giving visual sight,
no breathe, no feel,
emotionless but shiny bright
we never give emphasize,
how painful is the death
live before we realize,
can happen with the one
          who originally had a smile…………..

Naturally, those lines came in to my mind and I almost had fear that how dreadful will be the pieces of life ..............our own skeleton!
The Remains of life ………………..

After an emotional fear when i proceeded to look for other pictures, I got a sigh of relief that we will remain with a beauty of life that has already been brought in front of world’s eye……………….

Picture Credits: Amit Dhaka
Life before death,
is the glow of happiness
the sigh of relief,
count till we breathe
as our breathe has a choice,
to live and to rejoice
eyes with close of dreams,
magnetic and full of beans,
beautiful is the world,
so as every being enriched
love one another,
                                           that magnetize and bewitched

Picture Credits: Amit Dhaka

               love your life and so too living being !

with love


  1. Replies
    1. heee heee ya so this time u had a feel :P
      thanks mate

  2. i wonder how come i never got inspired to write a blog after watching the pics... he he .. jokes apart ..
    nicely written but dear believe me .. your remains of the life would be lovely poetic skeleton, a poetic skeleton which would reside in someones book , in someones mind or even may be someones heart ....

    1. ha ha malay funny u ..
      u know what .. any single bit of act.... picture, video, or even yummy food sometimes instigate me to scribble ..
      like right now m having yummy yummy chocolaty black forest cake....:)but m busy in writing other categories ;)

    2. your black forest cake stole all other thing you have written in the reply ....... he he

  3. 'love life and so too living being' - beautifully written!!

  4. Life is a celebration! Death is after-party!

    1. :) ya but who does want to see the end of celebration ....let the party on :)

  5. Nicely written..:-)very sweet blog..:-)

    1. hey thanks so much for vising my blog :)
      i explored your blog too to find out ur name as it would be nasty if i would mention here thanks homemaker ..kidding
      but must sketches are awesome.....

  6. who clicked all these pictures ?
    motivated huh !!
    good ! and yes sweet !

  7. Hi Jasmeet found your blog through WriteUpCafe, well what a way to start reading your blogs with those wonderful pics and equally complimented with nice words. I have written something similar about Death, here is the link:

    Thanks your friend's good presence of mind for shooting that pic. I guess everyone seeing that pic will surely have some thoughts. Those words just after that pic, they are just great..:) Cheers..:)

    1. well said Prashanth about pictures and thanks for liking my words too :)


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