May 27, 2012

Satyamev Jayate : Female Foeticide

Story of embosomed half blossom bud ………

The story of female foeticide is not unknown either. We were already known but it came in to limelight when a celebrity came forward to bring this in the front of everyone with a team which doing such deadly surveys almost in every part of the country. People who are indulged in it are not different but the ones among us. This terrible act is not a single man act but many hands are coding together to execute…….

“Together is the force, easier to complete the task”.

It’s been showed in the episode that the % of educated and literate people is high in female foeticide but few questions are still remain unanswered:

Why educated ones?
Is this only for the baby boy?

Why we are pointing out others?
What action we have taken so far?

Is the lack of knowledge in family planning?
Is the education required for narrow minded oldies and in-laws?

What is the fault of unblosomm bud?
What is the fault of female womb?

The questions will remain unanswered until we by our own would not take the step further in first killing this thought that;

“We only want a baby boy” 

A poem of embosomed bud………..

I'm a small little bud
I'm a stranger to the world,
Slowed is my breathing,
raising in the shadow of mothering…

Some of my desires, growing inside,
In the mother’s womb, that resides,
One day, I will come to seeing the light
I’m afraid of being in the dark side...

Sometimes I feel, this feeling inside her,
My mother cries often and got so nervous,
When she cries, I want to talk with her,
I am unable to touch,
As my shape is amorphous...

How rage was that voice, faint light smirk,
the strange thing happened,
and a bit harsh touch..
I was afraid and got over blow,
What was that touch, I wanted to know?

I didn’t know anyone, was a stranger and unknown,
Why they broke me, when I was just half grown?
I had desires left in me, wanted me to blossom,
my eyes get closed and will no longer be able to open...

I was a small little bud,
And was a stranger to the world,
Slowed was my breathe,
died in the shadow like a little seed…

Some of my desires were trapped inside,
In the mother's womb, left like a mask,
I ended my last breath; do not want to return,
What was my fault; I just want it to ask?

with lv//Jasmeet

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  1. Replies
    1. u know the post itself is touching but the sad part is 95 % are indulged in such terrible act

  2. You've written such a touching poem.

    I share your views. When baby Afreen died, I was so angry and helpless that I didn't know what to do other than write a poem on behalf of Afreen. Thus I wrote "The Life & Death of Afreen , read it here - .

    I'e tried to echo the voice of the voiceless Afreen and many others who've met a similar fate.

    Anyways I was deeply moved by your poetry.


    1. ur poem is so intensive and heart melting Anupam.
      thank u for dropping by ur views

  3. Beautiful poetry,Touching.And this is a land that worships Durga and Sita! Shameful!

    1. yeah Jaish...even the one who are worshiping more engaged in foeticide coz they prays for grandson or son

  4. Very touching and thought provoking.. nice work!!

    1. Thanks s a lot Manav for liking it and sharing ur views

  5. This poem touched me deep inside, i really don't know what to day, but yeah you know very well how to touch some1 heart by words!! Trust me, its a great poem!!

    1. thanks Ankit for such compliment really wen i saw this is happening around my own society really awful and sad to know that we r living in such shameless society

  6. This particular show is indeed very moving - it brings out issues that we knew exist, but were not sure that they were so bad.

    You know something, I came across a poor man who had five daughters... I was so amazed at his financial condition, that I had to ask why did he have so many children in the first place. And his reply was the most obvious, "I was trying for a boy..."

    1. yeah Anupama...even i guess this is the first n foremost reason people are fearlessly doing this..wish of a baby boy :|

  7. Moving lines...poignant theme!
    So well said, ....the first step is to change our minset!!

    1. Thanks a lot panchaliji for dropping by and for liking it!

  8. Time to react....rather than comments!!
    Filter yourself followed by the family > society > city n country!!

    aaaaaaahhhh !! :( !! Aasto Maa Jyotirgamay !!

    1. yeah Nitish....well said but its not only abt filtration but to change the mindset

  9. nicely written ... and really good poem to end it ... on this topic .. i often think, how could a 'to be mother' allow this. if one is educated then why does she allow her in laws to let this happen ... no revolution could happen if the one who is suffering would not raise the voice against it ...
    its not the time for public to wake up ,.... its time for female to wake .. its time for to be mothers to wake up .. if all the females oppose this crime and leave those bastards in laws , foeticide could never happen ............

    1. i agreed Malay but it is very difficult for that mother to choose between a baby , husband or in-laws.....only possible when her husband also support her against his family but alas very less cases have been reported ...even husbands are the main culprit to pressurize their wives for abortion.

    2. i don't know why a female thinks herself so weak that she needs such a husband who don't even care for his own unborn daughter ... believe me , no one can make you do anything if you are not willing to....everything needs an initiation .. a lady leaving her in laws and dragging them to court would make other such ladies strong enough to raise a voice against killing their baby girl......

    3. Today's generation is like that dear friend bold and strong woman :) and ya google divorce rate of recent marriages...u will get to know the real fact what is happening these days and why ...
      A girl has to sacrifice many things in life when she transform into a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter in law , a granny .. its not about she thinks she is weak its about a woman ..cares each and every indiviual who come into her life...she has such strength that no one can understand , she hold happiness even wen she feels like screaming..its not that easy to describe in words ...nd we cant call a woman or a conceiving mother a weak. woman...she becomes strongest in such situations but u know she equally attach with all those relationship that came first before an infant so the fear comes in between not the weakness

  10. Amazing, your really talented. just keep it going

    1. thanks a lot Ashish for appreciating and liking it :)
      keep sharing :)

  11. These are wonderful lines, "I ended my last breath; do not want to return,
    What was my fault; I just want it to ask?"
    I guess none can answer that question because we have lost the respect to answer that question. That was a heart touching lines, Jasmeet. I am glad to say I am your new follower...:)

    1. Thank u so much Prashanth and m realy feeling great to know my new blogger friend :)
      keep reading and sharing!

  12. aftre reading this blog..i was thinking what to say..and while typing this i decided...i wont say hurts...


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