May 4, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award – A pleasant surprise

There was nothing special happened whole that day until i read one Indimail and the tag line was – “there would be both pleasant & surprise for you”. Then, without wasting any other single minute quickly i jumped to see the surprise and certainly it was a pleasant surprise to see my name as a nominee that nominated by ‘C.Suresh Ji’ for The Versatile Blogger Award. I always have heard about nominations and award nominees only on television but surely, my own nomination at social blogging network coined my newly born blogger passion worth and thoroughly waving up in the air.

I would like to give my special thanks to another versatile blogger C.Suresh Ji who passed this award to me. I am really feeling great because it is not even a month I had have joined Indiblogger team.
He truly deserved it for his incessant unique post.

Now, here are some rules that I have to comply after acceptance of the award:
1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Post a picture of the award on your blog.
3. Share 7 random thoughts about yourself.
4. Choose 7 bloggers to pass the award to.
5. Inform them about it

Now, I am already through with first 2.
It is difficult to explain about me randomly and the exact 7 facts: 

So, here I go with choosy byte through:

*1* I am Punjabi simple living girl. I have mentioned Punjabi on my blog in know me section too  although I do not believe in caste stratum thoroughly. I want to be self free from casteism, respect the culture and do follow Sikhism too.

*2* I am a big shopping freak and sometimes I go crazy for it. I have my own style icon rather than following others i like to be myself.

*3* I am not foodie enough but yeah i can not resist my absorptive emotions if i would see golgappe or panipuri, spicy chaat, boiled corns , garlic bread with extra cheese and can have all that just for a tongue taste with my tummy full condition even.

*4* I love reading and writing but due to my busy office schedule I have to be like a nasty time table.

*5* I love to watch Hollywood/Bollywood movies and like to read about movie reviews before I spend money on buying tickets. My favourite Hollywood series are FRIENDS and Prison Break. Currently, I m indulged in watching season1 of The Vampire Diaries.

*6* second last fact I wanna tell about my travelling passion although I have got very less chances to explore my country but it is my wish to roam every place in India first.
I have covered many famous places in Himachal-North, North Central and in west – Mumbai n all nearby places, Hyderabad, Bangalore but still many more too go….The city i eagerly wanna explore is ‘Kerala’.

*7* Last but not least i am also a music fan and a big fan of respectful A.R.Rehman. Many I can name but u know If I will start writing about the singers and music director names, their songs automatically snatch my time in proceeding further here ……

Now, its time to give my nominations but u know.. to nominate 7 ,10 or 15 bloggers is truly injustice with other amazing bloggers but cant help either because of rules defined.

The bloggers that i have shortlisted are:

2  Animesh Shah: yuva Indian writer
3   Nabanita Dhar : Random Thoughts Naba
4  Anupam Patra:  Reflections
Firoze Shakir: Photographerno1's photostream
Ashish Bathini: Review Of The Day
Punit Dubey: Ghumakkar`s Diary
9  Debajyoti Ghosh: Some Facts,Some Nonsense
10 Magiceye: Pets Forever

I really want to add some more names but the Award rules are binding me through.
I want to give my special credence to some fame name bloggers who are not unknown either and  following their blogs too.
Saru Singhal , Amit Aggarwal,RajkumarInduravisinghj, Bhavana, Ranjith, Akshay Kumar, TheFool …and the list will go on.

Thanks once again Indiblogger and SureshJi !

With Love


  1. even i didn't waste a single minute to visit your blog. thank you so much for the award :). it's an honor!! and yes, congratulations to you too!!

    loved those 7 facts.

    1. :) Thanks deb
      n u know ...i found 7 facts were pretty less to define me but yeah i tried .... ;)

  2. congratulations. may this be the first of many wonderful milestones in your blogging journey.

    1. thanks a ton Subhorupji ....for adding ur wnderful wishes for me here.....
      it means a lot to me to blow my new passion in the air

  3. Thank You..Jasmeet for the award

    1. my pleasure ...Anupam n this was specially for your lovely poem you dedicated on my blog ..

  4. Hey! Congratulations and Thank You :))
    It was really nice to know more, random though, about you :D

    1. ohh yeah :D
      but i shall wait to know abt all of u i mentioned as nominee to claim that award as rules says to define random 7 facts... hee hee so....

  5. Congratulations !!!! :)
    Some are dreamers, some are talented. You are both. May you achieve more success ahead.

  6. well that's more than a surprise,thanks a ton for nominating me..and best of luck for the award..hope you win:)

  7. Thank you Jasmeet I am humbled by your kindness but in all honesty I am a beggar poet I shoot the Unknown World of the Lost People of India .. those that Life has failed to give a second chance .I dont believe in Blog Awards ...I am sad to say the people I shoot will never be awarded in this Life or the Next.. I shoot beggars Hijras Eunuchs and commercial workers in dark dinghy cages of Life..

    Takecare \God bless you your parents //

    Firoze Shakir

    1. ya ShakirJi i completely agree with u ...but it was my wish to nominate you coz i m a follower n fan of ur clicks/Poetry based on beggars and poor people that inspired me to come forward and do something for them .........
      thnks for ur wishes.......

  8. Congratulations Jasmeet for this well deserved aqward and I am really thankful to you for this award...I am really honoured.

    1. thankyou Seema .... n ur art corner blog is really nice n deserving ....

  9. Congratulations on the award and I hope that this is just a start and a let a dozen more awards come your way!

    You deserve it! :D

  10. party party party ... see you have promised on next award you would give party ... so here it is ... i want party .........

  11. Thanks a tom RW ..
    @Malay : the last i got an official so i promised if i will get another in office only :P hee hee

  12. YOu deserve every bit of this award !

  13. Congratulations, Jas. You really deserve it. Cheers.


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