Jun 13, 2012

Double Dhamaal – Dove and Spice IndiMeet!!!

Part1Dove: The dream bloggers meet!!!

Oh no! Its 10:20 am the Dove blogger meet had already been started, this is what we four girls whispered at Rajiv Chowk metro station when we were getting late and rushing like anything.
I was with other three bloggers Shipra, Harshita and Vanu and we were planned to meet altogether at Botanical Garden metro station in Noida (Vanu caught the train at sector 15), this is how the journey with beauty bloggers has began. Finally, we reached at “The Park” Hotel, Delhi and the building had given me the sight of some government office but luckily the entrance and receptionist changed my view early in my thought. After registration and some quick fresh up make up we seated like back benchers in school and there, only the introduction was going on “thanks god” (I whispered)!
After 10-15 minutes, someone said “Jasmeet” oh I did not noticed the names which were coming as “Next” in the projected Indiblogger.in screen that to speak about my blog and short intro, I was little nervous as i just settled and concentrating on others but I through with it in 2 minutes I guess.
The next session started with Soumya-Dokada the meet anchor who explained various aspects of hair fall, dry and oily hairs, dandruff, colored and brittle hairs etc. Right after some time she called hair expert DR. Rohini Wadhwani for open query session in which girls could burst out with their hair problems ( I will share this in  another article soon for the types of query and solutions given by Dr.). This session was the long one and 1000 rs vouchers distributed whoever asked questions and I got one, best part indeed! There was another session to write about any general problems in the piece of paper and need to clip that on the clip board, Shivani Tanasale a commercial model who had given the fantabulous and humorous act on our general daily problems including hairs.
After a tea break there was one session to write about “the dream blogger meet” and to take the comments from other bloggers “more would be the comments, more are the chances to win vouchers”. So, i shared one quick poetry-

“This is how I feel,
cherishing and full of zeal,
girls are sharing their doubts,
my words for all about,
eat healthy, stay fresh,
ur hair looks surely nourish,
   do not take much stress,
it will create the real mess,
 hairs are the ornament and
         priceless treasure, I guess……………”

I met with some lovely bloggers at the time of lunch, shared healthy talks, blog url and email ids.This is how it ended with a new thought that “we all will meet again” and i handed off my camera to someone to capture a group photo (we all were already grouped together for photo session by Indi members):

Special Thanks to the bloggers, I met: Shipra, Harshita, Vanu, Ritu, Kalpana, Prachi, Mahima, Sushmita and Ghata

Indiblogger: Dove Parivar
Part2 Spice: The bloggers meet with Rajiv Makhni!!!

The Dove meet has been over and I was feeling sad because my partners (Shipra, Harshita and Vanu) with whom I was giggling were going back to their homes. Right after they went i walked some step further, luckily, in reception I saw three girls were rejoicing and clicking pictures in different poses. I went there, introduced myself and then.. yeah, i got new partners (Mahima, Sushmita and Ghata) for Spice IndimeetJ.

After the same procedure of registration we seated and this time at left side corner third row, just in front of the camera(Incase if cameraman liked us to click some shots:D). All were eagerly waiting for the Gadget/Cell guru yup “Rajiv Makhni”.

Anchor had started one activity of hurr, hurr hurr hurrr and surprisingly everyone were gazing at each other that how the hurr hurr step would flip in our closed fingers. We all get engaged soon in doing hurr hurr hurr and right after some time  Rajiv Makhni appeared by doing same flipped on & off step hurr hurr hurr wooo, everyone started shouting in loud voice …Rajivvvv Makhni …Rajivvv Makhni ..it was the same shout I felt like while  sitting in one restaurant and waiting for my order of “Nan and dal Makhni and shouting like a kid holding a spoon and walloping in the plate …Daal Makhni ..Daal Makhni…(Kidding)!

Clicked by EmoteStar: Rajiv Makhni 
The same Introduction round had started but the best part of this meet Intro was he distributed Spice flow (Cell phone) to all who have given an honest reason to start their blogs. Unfortunately, I don’t know why I took so much of time to end with four lines of my poetry and forgot to tell the actual reason of my blog that how I started writing? (My Bad)

“I write, when in stress,
I write when in real mess…
I rhyme without reason,
I write when see electrifying photos,
To end my breath while writing is my last motto…”

(all of  sudden random lines came into my mind)

After some healthy introduction with few bloggers, one debate round had started in which the topic was: “How secure is the browsing on our smart phones”, he selected some random bloggers to debate and it took around 30-45 minutes to end. The spice pen drives were also distributed for different reasons like who have lost their cell phone recently so and so. The Anchor announced one short tea break (which mistakenly became the long dinner break for everyone). After that, one tech contest taken by Rajiv in which agenda was to raise hands if you know the answer, he would pick random bloggers and if the answer given correct, he will gift them a phone either Spice Flow or Spice Stellar (T&C apply) and I was the unlucky girl who luckily chosen by him to give the answer of one toughest question of that round because there were only few hands were waving in air to give the answer, I answered but that announced loudly by Rajiv that this answer given by Jasmeet is absolutely wrong! Buhuuuuu
(Don’t dare to ask me that question guys!)

Me and my friends who lost the opportunity to win either Spice flow or Stellar were disheartened.
Anyways, the photo session started with Rajiv which soon taken away the memory of our lost chances.
We enjoyed the meet to the fullest and lucky me who enjoyed two meets at the same day which made my Sunday memorable by Indiblogger who organize such meet with talented bloggers and collected huge crowd at The Part Hotel, Delhi.

I want to sum up by saying this ----
“We all will meet again soon”

P.S. For more pictures of Double Dhamaal Indimeet Click Here

With lv//Jasmeet
All Copyright reserved © JasmeetK


  1. The flashes of poems ... dove tailed with your paras kept me hooked to entire blog. This mixture is a new thing that i got to learn from your blog. Kudos ! and Thanks !

    Plus, your poems are in these paras are like icing on the cake. Keep it up ! :)

    1. thanks for ur lovely comment Bhavnoor :)
      keep reading

  2. Great That you enjoyed I skipped the spice one as I thought it was too hot to go from gurgaon to delhi.
    But I missed a golden opportunity i guess.
    You narrate things well..

    1. @Rahul : ohhh yeah ..u really missed the wonderful get together of bloggers

  3. I am happy to see you happy now :)

  4. wow looks like u had fun. I havent attended any bloggers meet yet


  5. Nice Jassiec. :)

    Poem and the group pic apart from your blog post which is very fresh and styling. I liked the way you started and those lovely names :P

    So many gals at one place wow....Keep rocking gals \m/

  6. Really looking nice to address at this level.
    Pics are also nice///

  7. once again...my bad luck...I missed it... :(

    1. hey dnt be sad..there is always a next and better chance to attend such meets...

  8. Never attended any Blogger meet, hope to attend one and after reading your blog I am even more excited to attend one and meet some co-bloggers....:)

    1. ya prashanth..such meets realy boost up bloggers passion towards their goal :)

  9. believe me after your poem best part of the blog is the first pic in the blog .......... lolzzz .. jokes apart .. well written .. whole incident in front of eyes , type explained hai sab ...


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