Jun 16, 2012


I have chosen my thoughts,
my words for real shots,
I will show and express,
That how I feel when it says,
It Begins With Us!

Captured at Anna's anshan, august 2011!
My heart pondered upon.
When I have seen daughters and sons,
This picture speaks lot.
Captured that to bring train of thoughts!

Captured somewhere Dan-vardan was going on!
How arduous is the life?
We never give emphasize,
Life is too hard for some,
and for some it never satisfies,
Think before we realize,
If we have enough,
Let’s start from I,
Give them a hand full,
this becomes for the world a surprise!

Captured nearby my home!
I am obsessed of the color green,
because of my love for the nature
people say everywhere,
help the city,
in making it neat & clean
I wonder,
why the quantity is so less
to follow? – Go Green!

Captured  in a place where construction was going on!
A child is born to play,
to cherish and to learn..
but my heart sobbed up,
when I see them working
under the sun,
why we don’t understand,
child labor is more than a sin,
understand the fact,
let them enjoy,
because a child is so soft within !

This is how I feel when it says,
It Begins With Us!

With lv//Jasmeet
All Copyright reserved © JasmeetK


  1. I must say it needs lots of efforts and emotions to portray all these (sad but true )things through poem.

    Long live Anna and all like minded people.
    Thanks to you too Jassiec for a nice and impressive writeup.

  2. Of all the things you mentioned child labor is something that I find really painful!!

    1. ya jaishree , it is actually painful to see little hands doing such things and sad for their parents who allows them to do that...

  3. Sad that the two visions of India, the India vs Bharat are going far away from each other...

  4. It is really sad to see children playing parents.

    1. Yeah ..Shalu i felt the same while clicking those pictures

  5. Hello.
    Very heartfelt post. Your photos are awesome and sure do tell a story! Thanks for sharing.
    If you have time, come join the fun at Blog Hop Saturday! currently ongoing at my blog. Hope you can make it!

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

  6. touching .... and really nice blog

  7. Reality bites hard. Hope things change and yes, it surely and has to begin with us...You should think of a photo blog, the construction pic was a good one..:)

  8. Ur poetry got all the irony required to be a gud writer...
    d way u have hone ur wit is commendable.

    1. Thank u so much Dushyant for the intense comment that makes my each verse worth reading :)

  9. :) Yeah Prashanth i am thinking to create page in the same blog for my Shots

  10. wonderful thoughts...God bless you...!


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