Jun 1, 2012

Life without vision……………

A few days back, I was searching some pictures in Google Images, do not remember what i have typed in the search bar but i could not resist myself to open one picture which gave me an enigmatic flame to read inside the story. When I clicked on that picture; it brightened my eyes to read till the end. It was the story of a girl named 'Sasikala' who is unable to see the world over because of no eyesight; yet passionate for her dreams to be cherish, brought up in tough atmosphere; yet she has learnt to adapt every circumstances for life ahead. Her life seemed miserable but her talent made her life musical.

She is just an example for many and there are many like her around the globe. My heart was melt down from her statement mentioned in the article which is ;“Music is our life. We listen to music when we get up, when we get ready to go to class, when we are back from class, when we are studying and when we go to sleep.”

 I thought for a while and said to myself;
“Everyone has talent inside, some recognize early and some bound to live until circumstances would make them realized that what they are worth for. Life can never be unfortunate or frivolous but it's we who make our life miserable in unfavorable situations and never estimate how beautiful it could be even without any vision or mission."

I want to dedicate this post to all those who dreamed like her but unable to cherish, who may not wealthy enough but waiting for someone to give them a hand full, who may not walk properly but still they know how to promenade the pace, who may not see the world but life is still beautiful for them even without vision………………

I am born to live,
not to cry,
I know my strengths,
i will never be shy…
I can chase the pace,
I can run without my legs,
only need that strength,
that can make me fly…
my eyes are open,
I can see the world,
I can play the string,
who needs an eye
and who needs a vision...
It’s my fortune,
i am living my life,
Life is tough but
 my dreams are so high,
I am born to live,
not to cry…
I will smile till the end,
and will never be shy…

With lv// Jasmeet 

All Copyright reserved © JasmeetK


  1. i am amazed how beautifully and perfectly your poetry suits in the article you have written.

    Hats off ...

    1. Thanks for liking it malay :) i always love to end up my article in poetic manner. i somehow feel my article would remain non-live without my poetry so i always ends with it!

  2. So beautfully weaved...a poignant one!

  3. very inspiring story, jasmeet. the lines you have written are touching and convey the depth of your feelings. such stories need to be brought to people's attention, since we live in a world where everyone is discontented, no matter what their station in life is. great work, keep at it, madam. apologies for lower case. keyboard trouble.

    1. ya Subhro well said that we never satisfy for what we have ..always discontent and see those who have more than us..
      thank u so much..glad u shared ur views

  4. sometimes we come across small things which inspires us a lot
    this is surely one of those
    glad u shared
    please remove the word verification

  5. I am lucky to know a wonderful person like you who is just simply pure at heart!! I am proud to have you as a frnd in my life..!! And i mean it.

  6. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story and your poetry is really awesome for the occasion :)

    1. Welcome in my blogosphere Neha and thanks for dropping by:)

  7. A huige lesson to be learnt from a little girl. Very Good POst and loved the poem too!

    1. Ya jayashree..a little girl without vision enduring her life happily :)
      thanks for liking it!

  8. inspiring story with beautiful poetry...

    1. thanks Rajnish.
      n m opening ur blog right away :)

  9. All Copyright reserved © JasmeetK!! :) :)
    I think u shld charge now on visiting ur page!! :P :D

    Really...U rock with Ur thoughts !! Gr8 inspiring story!!

    1. thanks a ton Nitish :)
      m still not regularly posting new things..i will get this done once i will be regular in posting like daily new post

  10. That's really inspiring and thanks for sharing it with all of us...:) What can I say, her smile says it all. You really write nice poetry, cheers...:) Just curious, what does that "Emotestar on your pic" mean at the left top corner..??

    1. :) Many like u have already asked so many times y such unique name, wat is Emotestar and y such dark n poignant theme ...i guess i have to collate in an article that y Emotestar :)
      will share u soon in detail but till then keep reading u will get to know that m an emotional being;in short an emotestar ;)


    2. I love asking bloggers as why they have such unique names or titles. It's kind of interesting to know, atleast for me, as to how they came up with such names...:)

      As I am following your blog, will surely keep reading your blogs...:)

  11. ek baat batau...tum maano yeh na maano..u r not different to "Sasikala"...u have a great talent inside u...just bring it outside and show everyone what u really are...


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