Jun 22, 2012

Moments from despair to bliss……………

Hair brings one’s self-image into focus; it is vanity’s proving ground. Hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices. ~Shana Alexander

If ever you find someone in crowd is asking –“What is best in you?” you might have hear answers like – smile, eyes, skin, height, color, style, looks but my personal experience says, 55% of girls among that crowd would give an answer –‘my hair’ and I am one of 55% who proudly can announce - yes i have beautiful long hair.

Some are naturally blessed, some have to put lot of efforts and some spends huge money to make their hair lustrous in a crowd. Before I proceed, I would like to thank DOVE for giving an opportunity to reveal the secret of my “beautiful hair story”.   

I still remember the time, when i was careless bird in my school and unaware of the beauty i am blessed with. Nine years back, everything was going fine until I left my home for higher studies.
As I said earlier, I was careless bird, so I did not even know to tie my hair properly and became habitual to go to college with open long, heavy and brittle hair. I had missed my mamma more at the time of tying and used to scream while brushing hair. One day, I noticed my hair started falling and imagined that may be it was because of new place and change of water still I did not even cared for it. The whole 4 years of engineering, I was praised for my long hair and also I was being humiliated by craziest jokes of my friends in hostel for such rough and brittle hair. I was kept switching oil and shampoos to get some bright shiny hair but I was failed in my every different trial. I was stressed for both reasons semester exams and hair fall.
You know sometimes when nature endowed you with something, you have to be extra cautious in keeping that safe forever and hair are something once u loose, chances are rare to get it back. Sadly, my hair fall increased rapidly and it was almost half of my hair length remained when I realized my last statement. 

(My enclosed secrets):

I tried many shampoos for extra blush, added fruits and nourishing diet in my food list but the shampoo which trusted me most was DOVE and it was DOVE conditioner I found necessary mild element after shampooing it. So, instead of lamenting about hair problems, read some healthy points that how I have recovered back from hair fall, split ends and hair roughness -

Nutritious Diet: Are you a diet cautious? If the answer is yes, then let me tell you girls, whoever have long hair should never do strict dieting because dieting can be dangerous for your hair too. The reason behind it is very clear, whatever you eat is directly proportional to your hair quality and the food you eat, 25-30 % of your food is consumed by your hair. So, if you are having a healthy diet, your hair will rationally look nourish. 

Drinking fluids: We are aware of the drinking fact like 7 or 8 glasses of water in a day but how many of you actually follow? I know the answer, as I am experienced one. Instead of having the cup of coffee or tea i increased the quantity of juicy fruits, lemonade and healthy drinks which covers the lack of water in body, believe me it helps a lot for both your health and hair.
 Know your hair: Do you really know your hair type? If the answer is yes, you must aware of what kind of shampoo should you use? And conditioner should be of same brand. If you are using shampoo and conditioner of different brands, you might be in risk to damage your hair quality. I was having rough hair problem, I started oiling my hair before 1-2 hours of hair wash, used conditioner after shampooing my hair and also ensured that the oil should rinsed properly. After I followed that process; it took me around five months in getting burnished hair.
 Hair Problems: There is countless hair problems you have had hear like hair fall, split ends, hair fading, grey or tangled hair, Auburn or chromatic hair issues or many others and it is easy to damage your hair than repair it. Apart from rough hair, I’d also face other problems like hair-fall and split-ends. I was not getting any way to come out, so forgetting about my long hair I decided to trim hair by 1/3 of its length to remove split ends but sadly trimming did not affected much. Hair-fall was another my biggest problem left behind. A year back, I used Dove Damage Therapy Hair Fall Rescue shampoo when it was new to the market. And believe me; hair fall rescue treatment Mask actually has detangling effect if you would use it in proper manner. It was long time back when I used to iron my hair occasionally but Dove Damage Therapy blissed me naturally with straight hair.

Release yourself from Stress: If you are stress free, proportionally you are free from all your problems including hair. We aren’t supposed to be able to instantly solve problems. In fact, we’re made to get upset, sad, hurt, stumble and fall.  Because that’s the whole purpose of living – to face problems, learn, adapt, and solve them over the course of time. So face it, learn from it and head on. 

My Thumb Rules: Hair is precious gift and a priceless ornament for me. I made some thumb rules before I go for any further trials:
Ø      Have healthy Diet
Ø      Drink plenty of water (Also, ensure it should not exceed its limit, excessive water equally can be harmful)
Ø      Use both shampoo and conditioner that suits best to your hair; make your own opinion rather than following others.
Ø      If your hair quality is rough, use oiling an hour or two before hair washes.
Ø      Wash your hair with lukewarm or cold water.
Ø      Rinse it off properly and ensure shampoo must not remain in your scalp.
Ø      Never use conditioner to the scalp or root of hair.
Ø      Using of comb on wet hair can lead to hair fall, ensure the same.
Ø      Avoid blowing dryer or heating tools unnecessarily; extra heat can damage your hair.
Ø      If you have dandruff or oily hair avoid over oiling to your scalp.
Ø      Avoid dust and direct sun rays if you can.

It’s been continuous three years I am using DOVE and it blissed me out from my hair problems. 
When i Smile, My hair also smiles :)
Now, I can open my long shiny hair without any stress and I feel my hair also smiles with me sometimes. This is how I have put an end to my hair problems and brought my long beautiful hair back with extra blush. 

P.S.: To know more about your hair, do visit on Dove- Hair aware-app

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By - Jasmeet
“You can not escape from all your problems, if you keep recalling your past”


  1. Great Post Jas...Nice thumb rules. This is indeed an informative post..Good luck !

    1. Love the post Jassy!
      And love your hair!! I kept ogling at it all the time during the meet! :P

      Best wishes!
      Do check mine!


    2. ha ha ha this one made me laugh Priyanka :D :D
      Thanks you so much for your oggly woogly comment :)

  2. and yes the White template looks neat and good

    1. @Stephen : Thanks for the wishes :) and also for liking new theme

  3. Great Post indeed.. Nice picks for images.. lovely work!!! And yes the template is all good now :)

    1. Ankit, thanks a ton buddy, i value suggestions so credits all urs for template change:)

  4. nice post.. all the best for the contest..

  5. Jasmeet:I am the older version of you even now..lazy,messy,I sometimes comb,sometimes I dont.And I drink 1 glass of water a day so less that my personal doc had advise me to take more ;)Glad that you found relief with dove and other treatments and home remedies;even I have tried a lot of them,and they do work.Bangalore sucks in terms of water,so hard that anyone might even go bald here.Informative post..all the best for the contest.

    Do check my entry too: http://www.ankionthemove.com/2012/06/goodbye-to-tangled-tresses.html

    1. Ankita: even NCR water is same heavy and hard, sometimes it made me think to start using Bisleri water for my hair wash :( or filtered water like we use to drink Kant or something ....huhh neways thanks for dropping by gill :)

    2. Agree,but then in Delhi,I never faced problems of hairfall,I was in rajouri garden for 2 years almost.Maybe it depends locality wise.Yeah we should start using bisleri for our face and hair,like the actor TABU does,if at all indiblogger pays for such stupid acts.he he.Bangalore is a mess,all my friends who have shifted here,are fed up of thinning of hair.Dove to kya no shampoo is working here :P,I was too facing the same problem in PG,now that I have shifted,its still better.

    3. ahhh Delhi m unsure but m living in NOIDA since 2003. so wo kete hain na ab tou bechare baalon ki bi yahin ke pani ki adat ho gayi hai:). i hv heard Bangalore and Mumbai water is worst for hair n skin. Thank to holy god! my hair still remain in length but heaviness all gone.


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