Jul 3, 2012

Hairy Tales!!!

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Sometimes Plaited,
tangle like maggi,
or Chinese noodles,
sometimes wavy and,
fancy like doodles….
Sometimes fluffy roll bun,
colored like blond….
Women can experiment,
either side or front fringe,
when highlighted flicks,
fall on near her eyes,
that pumps the men heart up,
and drag a seductive kick…..
Even men are coloring,
tracking fringe and spikes,
straight and rebonded hair,
and sometimes trimmed
short hair military men,
drives the women &,
can easily brimmed........ 
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Hair adulation is maturing from culture to style. People were not intended to experiment with hair in ancient time as today they are more of hair styles than cultural obligations.  Even I grew up watching Walt Disney animated blond hair princess who strewed charisma and magic with seductive powers. Princess Rapunzel, animated heroine of Disney’s 5oth animated film ‘Tangled’ has 70 feet long hair, isn't it strange? Ahh merely possible in animated series or in my Disney dreams which would be more like a hairy tale than a fairy tale.
The way people are experimenting with their hair and keep on rumoring that they are facing with numerous hair problems sometimes do kick off my head that if I do experiment with my long hair, I might get my scalp like a monk one day but in reality monks shave their heads as a part of their order of worship, a cultural obligation.

It was my childhood wish to have hair like Maggi so do people call me Maggi ........Maggi…..so tasteful, I love eating it too but handling curly hair is not as 2 minute task as to make Maggi in 2 minutes. It is just my dream remained in my heart.
One day, my colleague surprised me with her heart pumping looks with straight blond hair which was more like a complicated nest or rough black hair cluster a day before. She was the girl who’d always face problem in tying and brushing her hair but now she was waving and flipping her hair without anxiety. A minute later my surprise ended when I got to know about rebonding which ends her hair problems in a single treatment.  But who did know that shiny treatment would give her hair fall and grey hair problems in which she would have to again rush for other treatments. See, experimenting hair is again a risk to have hair problems in major fall. You have to keep nourishing it like you do for your appetite. I believe, temporary hair style is better than those treatments you choose for long term because it sucks when permanent solution takes your hair away from your scalp forever. 

Image Source:http://123freevectors.com
Not even women but men are equally changing their looks by experimenting hair styles. Do you remember? The glimpse of John Abraham’s long lavishing shoulder length hair did seduce many girls in a minute and then every other even school going boys tried to raise hair like him. One of my very close friends did try to look like him who was having heavy and nested hair. Now, after 2-3 years he looks like an army man who can barely raise his hair but has to trim or sometimes shaved his head to escape from hair fall which increased rapidly after he chose the stylo look. Even he did try for coloring his hair and short hair spikes after realizing his hair fall, how fool? Idiotically, he says now-“na bache hai baal, na hoga oil n shampoo ka ab kharcha" (No hair, no pain of buying oil and shampoo) OMG!  Neither I nor any girl can survive to think to be bald even in dreams, woosh woosh let me come back and he is….....anyways.
Again, Do not play in the war blindly when you can not cure.

When i Smile, my hair also smiles :)
I was also one of those who never cared for my blessed long hair but followed others. When you are naturally endowed with something you have to be extra careful to keep that safe forever. As I have long hair so split end is very common problem for long hair but it was equally rough and brittle. Luckily, I have got an early relief from my hair problems (See Article “Moments from despair to bliss” for my hair care story and some tips) by using Dove Damage Therapy. I was blessed with only long hair but it was heavy and rough which looked more prominent than its length. I used to iron my hair occasionally but now no need of it. Dove blissed me out with natural straightness and that puts an end to my hair problems. I am very cautious and think twice before i go for any hair style. 
It encourages me most that dove does not endorse high film actress but advertise real beauties like us.  I wish, one day I will too be a princess of Walt Disney Series in which I will show my real long shiny hair but yeah not as long as Princess Rapunzel have 70 feet long. :D

-- To know more about hair care , visit on Dove hair-aware app.

                                                         By – Jasmeet
“Be yourself, have your own iconic style rather than following others.”


  1. You have lovely hair and I would take your suggestions for sure. All the best Jas, very well written.

    Congrats on Lakme contest!

    1. Thanks a lot Saru :)
      Big congratulations to you too!

  2. Interesting read JAs......

    Keep writing

    You can view my blog when u have time....http://poemsshortstories.blogspot.in/


  3. Well written Jasmeet and as saru said, your hair looks nice..:) I don't know much about girls hair thing, but I guess they should just stick to what they like and are comfortable with. I am sure the tips you have provided here would be helpful for other girls...:)

    1. well said , we should follow our own rather shadowing others.
      Thanks Prashanth

  4. Very nice writeup! Think you could give me some tips on better hair styling & shampoos?

    P.S. The title literally had me ROFLing ;)

    1. Vishal: Why not lolzzzz :P tell me ur hair type ;)
      and thanks for ROFling , coins my title worth:D

  5. long and sexy hair...kuch aur samjhoge to..no issue...really looking ...haaeeeee mein marjanwa....

  6. Hair is a natural calamity to any human being..Its better not to experiment and keep it simple...Making a new style will never change the person...he/she will remain the same..hence it is better to keep it simple..why should one try to experiment,when the person is so beautiful in her long hair...

    1. Subhra: marne ki kya jarurat hai lol...i dnt want anyone to die :P hee hee and thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

  7. Interesting hairy tales.
    well written for a contest.


  8. The title rocks...LOL
    And you are lovely :)

    1. A warm welcome to my blog Ghazala and thanks for dropping by :)

  9. Voila...what a hairy fairy tale!! Those cute pictures have added value to your blog. If fairy tales come true, I would choose to be Rapunzel...but like you, with crinkly curls (like Maggie) flowing down the hair..:D
    All the best...:))

    1. PanchaliJI, Thank you so much :) We will both have hair like Maggie then and we will give the name of Heroine as Princess Maggie hee hee

  10. Beautiful poem and Lovely picture!...You have very beautiful hair....All the best for the contest :)

    1. A warm welcome Valli.
      Thank you so much for you lovely wishes :)

  11. Interesting indeed. By the was strangely I also mentioned Maggi in my post though in a different context.

  12. You have a lovely hair, and just by looking at it, you will be awarded as one of the winners :) ... Loved the poetry Jasmeet. Best wishes for the contest.

    1. Thank u so much Neha. Your lovely wishes and praise is more than an award to me :)

  13. Loved the Poem Jasmeet ...and yeah you got a lovely hair :) Good Luck J

  14. wonderfully put on post. U have beautiful hair. touchwood! :)
    All the best to you too. Liked the post.

    1. Warm welcome Shesha :) Thank u for the wishes

  15. Jasmeet,

    When you smile, your hair also smiles and more than that your eyes twinkle.. "You've Beautiful Eyes" Blessed!

    Regarding the post - Beautiful poem.. All the best!

    Someone is Special


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