Jul 12, 2012

My Thankful Post!!!

(Dil Se: Secrets of the Hindi Poetry Blogger’s Heart)


 “It is more than an award being mentioned as a known name on fellow blogger write ups” 


I felt both honored and jovial when I saw my name on Subho’s blog Subho's Jejune Diet . He explicated about Hindi poetry blogging on his post and unfolds the small journey of Hindi bloggers including my newbie Hindi poetry Blog KavitayenJashn. The way he managed his post to define secrets and his own curiosity to know Devnagari script, I am sure many talented people will come out from their hidden caves in Hindi blogging world. I would like to convey my special Thanks and best wishes to SubhorupJi via this post.

I am a greedy learner and wishing one day my name would be known as a Poet rather than an Engineer (long way to go!)

Other Hindi Bloggers who are included on post Subho's Jejune Diet are:

Amit Aggarwal ka Safarnama

Saru’s hindi/English  poetry

Shashi ki kavitayen 

RavishankarShrivastava’s hindi blogger and http://raviratlami.blogspot.in/ 

My heartily congratulations and wishes to all Hindi bloggers.

Thank you once again!

 With best wishes // Jasmeet


~♥ You and your words are precious for me ♥~


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