Jul 27, 2012

Ripples of Feelings ……………..

The reason I don’t know
 it shows in several parts,
 and ripples of emotions,
 live inside the heart

 Sometimes solemnity of mind,
 misses the moment of delight,
 other moment of blinking eyes
 tear those ripples in dreaming bright…..

We go steady and feels
demure in expressing real being,
sometimes it go beyond,
 in brooding foreseeing……

 The reason I don’t know
  how does it change apace?
  lay up the good memories,
  and intense to be erase…….
  Sometimes heals the deep wound,
  smiles even in pain,
  Suddenly fun, joy and laughter,
  all seems to be in vain…..
  Full bag of emotions
  Keeps my heart effectual,
  All I know by the ripples of feelings
 i'm living my life perpetual ……….


  1. Wow...this is just so beautiful...!! Could almost feel the ripples, Jasmeet.
    There’s a surprise waiting for you. Please check the link.

  2. Indeed a wonderful surprise by adorable blogger PanchaliJi.
    Thank u so much :)

  3. I've tagged you to a Liebster and an awesome blogger award :). Check this link : http://nehasjournal.blogspot.in/2012/07/two-in-one.html

    1. hey Neha Thank u so much dear.....
      Seems for me awards r pouring like rain these dayz

  4. life is just like Ripple... :)

  5. Yes, emotions are ripples of feeling, lovely write :)

  6. 'Ripples of feelings'...wow Jasmeet, even the title is so poetic itself, what to say about the poem:) ..absolutely beautiful!!

  7. This is Wow!..
    great work Jasmeet...Lovely poem!

    1. m glad you liked it dear ...i really love ur poetry too :)

  8. Hello.
    The ripples of life beautifully portrayed here. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.

    If you have time, come join Lovers' Cove Challenge #3 currently ongoing. All you need do is read the links of the others to get an idea of the poem then write on in thought from the previous person in the Linky in 15 words or less. More here... Hope you can make it!

    1. Thanks a lot Mr. David. I will for sure try to make it :)

  9. Wow!! Nicely expressed.. Yes ripples of feelings, emotions... :)

  10. So Pure... So Emotional!!
    Lovely Post...... :D

  11. Hello from a new follower - Loved "Ripples of Feeling" Look forward to more from you!

  12. Dear Jasmeet,
    Thanks for following my blog Lovers' Cove. If you look closely, you'll see my pretty face smiling back at you in your GFC list (LOL). I am sorry you just missed out on this month's challenge, but I shall look forward to a contribution from you for the next challenge on August 26th.
    In the meantime, I have another monthly linkup called Blog Hop Saturday! currently ongoing at my main blog. There are a few guidelines, but for the most part you just linkup, visit a few/all of the others in the Linky & just have fun. You're more than welcome to join us. The Linky will stay open until 11:59pm EST (New York Time) Saturday Aug 4th. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

    1. Indeed i smiled back when i saw u smiling here in my frnds list :)
      u ended with a beautiful line ..loved it

  13. Replies
    1. A warm welcome to my my blog Harshita :)
      Thanku for dropping by

  14. It surely created ripple in the hearts of your blogger friends as evidenced by the comments...:)

    1. :) Indeed i feel those same ripples whenever i see lovely comments from my blogger friends

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