Jul 20, 2012

Whatsapp vs BBM ...........

Do you remember the time when we did pay the cost even for incoming calls and also remember those bulky handsets? I know, even a thought of that black Nokia dumb handset will definitely give you a loud laugh when you compare with a slick and chick today’s Smartphone. Gone are the days, when people have to think twice before holding a Smartphone now. Telecom industries have changed phases rapidly not only for profit but with a mission to see handset on everyone’s hand. Now days, it does not surprise me when I see a Chinese Smartphone in those hands who barely can feed their appetite.

--- Using a touch screen is like  drug addiction if you start using it once, you can barely leave it behind.

If you have a cell phone but no handsome call or tariff offers then what is the use of keeping jaunty handsets in the pocket? Absolute wastage, isn’t? There so, Service operators are competing in providing best services to mobile users since first generation. 2G offered GSM era, 2.5G came for GPRS and now 3G and 4G is on air in providing high speed services even if you are miles away you can still do video calling but the condition is your handset should be compatible.

So, How does it feel when you are sitting miles away from your loved ones and still you can  see them and manage talk via instant messengers over the phone. This is I call boom boom boomer situation when you are buying smartphone; you need a cross platform so that you can see each other, share , walk and talk all together.

Whatsapp or BBM? 
The platform for instant messaging was first launched by Blackberry called BBM (Blackberry Messenger) which has given strong effect in the market for blackberry users.

How can competitors sit quite to chase the pace in instant messaging?

Brian and Tyler, who had launch whatsapp as an advance version of BBM for all iPhone, Android or windows Phone, Nokia Symbion60 S40 phones and even blackberry users can also use it.

  I am an android user; whatsapp supports my phone’s operating system. Most of the    
  users like me would prefer whatsapp to be installing on their phones. So, obviously it 
  is winning over BBM rapidly because android users are increasing. I would like to 
  show some differences thats why I  am preferring whatsapp over BBM. 

It is only for Blackberry users
It supports almost all operating system like IOS, android, windows…

BBM is  charged extra  excluding data plans.
Whatsapp uses the same internet data plan that you use for web browsing.
I guess it still the same from where it started.  Unsure if updated version working faster. 
Its Apps get updated time to time with new features.
The fine better thing on BBM is its connectivity is good
In Whatsapp its sometimes disconnected and need to reconnect.
It does not have feature to see contacts online over seen last.
You can see contacts are online over last seen.
It does not have feature of group chat.
         It does have

Fellow blogger, Bhavnoor author of 'Between the lines' compared both as "battle of sexes" Strange, isn't? Do read his full story for this battle, he explained about cost and features  explicitly.
Guys, do share your views as i am new to this application and would love to know more about it!

Link to install this application via system: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=whatsapp&c=apps

  An android user // Jasmeet


  1. Of-Course WHATSAPP!! Android Users are countless ..Including me!! ;)

    1. yeah...countless like android applications :D

  2. I have never faced this problem that whatsapp may get disconnected. This app works on push notifications, so there is no point of being connected or disconnected. However this app is also one of my fav. And now its time to ping you on whatsapp only :)

    1. ECJACTLY :D i guess this is due to GPRS network connectivity sometimes

  3. S2 ka asar dikh raha hai aab.... :P

    1. yup..bt still not active user :(

    2. m sure..u'll be... bas kuch dino ki baat hai..:P

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  5. Very true jasmeet it's addictive ... I can't take me hands off my phone even for an hour... Besides its easy to use. I can't surf on laptop as my daughter wouldn't let me. Phone is really easy to use and yes smart phones are like either people own them or it's top on their shopping list or wish list.

  6. BBM is protected by 128 bit encryption(BIS users). Nobody can read the messages.. that's why BBM has a STATUS. and whatsapp?? huh... whatsapp is popular among college goers and gprs users. whatsapp is hackable.. it has many bugs..

    "On January 6, 2012 an unknown hacker published a website (WhatsAppStatus.net) which made it possible to change the status of an arbitrary whatsapp user, as long as the phone number was known".

    1. Welcome to my blog Aniket:) i am sure u r a reliable BBM user and thank u for sharing such knowledge here :)
      Keep sharing :)

  7. Hi Jasmeet,

    I see, this was the post you were talking of. Yes, I do agree, Whatsapp is the way to go. BBM is centered around Blackberry devices. In fact, I believe pure stock Android phones, like the Nexus series is the way forward. Android is surely catching up with everyone.
    Keep posting Jasmeet :)



  8. ya Jay ...Blackberry also lined up to launch new series in market. Let`s c what changes google and BB are going to provoke now

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    1. Hey Danish,
      warm welcome!
      Thanku for dropping by, please share your article's link will add up here :)

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