Aug 3, 2012

Sunrise - Hope and Pray.....

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When I see the Sunrise,
and radiant glossy rays,
I get the new hope to
steer my desires blazed …..
Many of us do pray,
by holding hands
    together and say…
Dear Sun Lord!
Please give me such energy,
no matter what situation is
I cross every hurdle,
and never hold back my feet…
Please give me such stamina,
If I'd ever fall down,
I stand up on my own…
Please give me such strength
that i could cut any tight rope,
Your streaming bright rays
brings always new hope..
If ever stones are thrown
and blown over me
I know what I have to be
stay quite like a tree…
If I would ever get upset,
feel disconcert from some words
Please give me such dominance,
that no one can criticize….
I know tree grows stilly,
and no one can stop the rise…
It gives me potency,
when i chant for you,
Please be with me till I breathe
as i have blind faith on you



  1. Day's sweetest moments are at dawn...mast neend aati hai us time....just kidding...:P
    Nice write-up... :)

  2. Quite an inspiring one... for all the wishes you wished.. for those - Thasthatu :)

  3. Good poem,filled with sunlight:)

    1. A warm welcome to my blog n thanks for dropping by :)

  4. nice one yaar ... school ki yaad aa gayi ... snob .. morning ki prayers ... you know i hated it ...

    1. ahaa kids usually hated school prayers but wen age grows it realizes the difference :)

  5. After seeing this pic, no matter what situation you are in, where you are and what you are doing, the only expression will be A Smiling Face...Well penned words..:)


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