Oct 18, 2012


Since a month my weekends were passing like every other; tedious, loaded with work, no weekend off was scheduled in my office rota for next one month and hell rotating shifts. You know it is very agitating to see your name on weekend’s rota and it is the worst part to accept the fact being telecomm engineer.

But but but…..the last Sunday (14 Oct’12) was not as my usual day. I was off for the day, pretended I am not well (sometimes it is worthy to pretend), forgot for the day I am an engineer, full day I felt I am rolling in roller-coaster and that’s all happened in IndiWomen bloggers meet #Pantene Nature Fusion at the Hotel ITC Sheraton, New Delhi. From the way to the venue I stimulated my appetite for the Indibloggers meet. As I first entered into the venue my emotions stirred up, yeah I imagined it’s gonna be more fun than my two Indimeets earlier happened in the venue The Park hotel, New Delhi. 

"Welcome Lamp"

Ahh So beautiful! That’s what I whispered when I saw one golden inauguration lamp welcoming everyone with bright gesture at the staircase and I could not resist myself capturing this as my first shot.

"Khul Ja Sim Sim" : Fantasy door

On my way to the function hall one gracious Silver door grabbed my attention towards it which seemed to me a magical door as you murmured some secret code to get it open and it will magically open for you. Ahhh alike “Indiblogger ke bloggers” and I named it as fantasy door-“Khul ja sim sim”

 Indiblogger families were  collected in the grand function hall called BALLROOM. The beautiful and spacious ballroom with large wooden and silver doors were decorated gracefully and arranged with white separate circular tables. The bright colored lights all around were enhancing the hall’s grace. I was so amazed and fascinated even before I settled down. I have got my registration done and guess what? I received a chit of Number 19 written on it.
No guys, not for any lucky draw or any fun activity but for the queue to get free hair spa by #PanteneIndiateam…woooo Lucky 19 :-)
With a feel of alien, I was snooping around for some known faces and grazing in circular rounds. After a half look around I found Ghata Singhal (whom I met in Spice Indimeet), a lovely blogger who then introduced me with some new faces Priyanka, Priti, Manjulika and Akanshya. Yo Yo ..so now I was bit relaxed and came out of the feeling by being alien. As our girl talks were continuing gradually, I met with more known bloggers Ritu Lalit, Sushmita, Aakansha Dureja, Vandana, Reema, Akshita, Neha…and the list was going on n on.
The most awaited voice of Anup has geared up and took the bloggers attention. I considered his voice is the heart of Blogger’s meet and so he is the perfect host of Indiblogger meets.
With a voice of Anup the game began with fun activities and he distributed gifts for random choices like  the girl who entered first got the Hair Massager……………...

FUN 1:

Blush: “Quote wall of graffiti”

Like a “great wall of china” one “quote wall of graffiti” was embellishing in the hall. All lady bloggers sprayed illicitly some quotes on a wall with red, gray and yellow color and I ended up writing “Eat healthy Stay fit” and “Keep blushing”.


“Save your balloon” - I have a tooth pick

“Save your balloon” was the tag line of second activity. Imagine how fun it would be when you have to save your balloon from the tooth pick carrying by every lady inside the hall. We all were rushing like anything and no one was leaving any chance to make the boom of others balloon. I somehow managed to rush and burst almost 6-7 balloons but Akshita smartly used her tooth pick to make my balloon fused. We had So much of fun in this activity. 

“Fun of Mummy"

“Make your mummy”…yo the picture itself gives the goose bumps. 8 teams, 8 ladies each  have got 4 toilet papers to make “Mummy” with one unique title. In the picture from left to third was our team’s mummy and we had given the title “Mummy Taj Mahal-Master piece in white”.  See at the second last mummy from right the mummy in specs, Anup called her real mummy because she was no one else but Vinnet Ranjan’s mother, the real blogger mummy is famous as Zephyr Nag or Bellan wali aunty
We need to keep tweeting with our mummy picture and title.

"Master Piece in white"- Mummy Taj-Mahal

The youngest Mummy of age 13 standing at the center was the winner.
Now, the learning of this activity is if you ever to make fun at home with quick mummy, do not hesitate to get toilet papers. 


"unique Intro with Tag line"

Introduction round was started but this time it was not just Intro but the women blogger need to finish with a tag line displaying in the screen. Let me remind some funny lines like 
“Chandu ke chacha ne chandu ki chachi ko chandani chowk mein chandi ke chamach se chatni chatai“
“Khadak singh ke khadakne se khadkti hai khidkiyan, khidkiyon ke khadkane se khadakte hai khadak singh.
“Pake ped pe paka papita, pka ped ya paka papita. 
We burst out with a laugh when a blogger lady said in shaky moments-
“Mein tumhare bache ki Maa banne wali hun.”

And what's that Number 19 was displaying in the screen ohh yeah that was my lucky 19 for hair spa and due that i missed FUN 5 which was some Q n A activity not exactly fun but gifts were distributed for giving right answers by individual teams. 


"This is me endorsing Pantene Nature Fusion Shampoo"
Clicked by Priti Singh (:

“Hair Spa” was not less than a joy. Pantene team was providing free hair wash and conditioning from newly launched Pantene Nature Fusion treatment. Lovely girls were messaging my head from their soft hands and I was just relaxing. The aroma of the shampoo was so soothing and filled with nature fragrance.
I did not miss the chance when Priti Singh asked me to give a pose after Spa so how could i forget to endorse Pantene shampoo with a smiley pose.

FUN 7 

"DR. Lais Koelle" explaining how Pantene has made up

The beautiful lady DR. Lais koelle has explained in this session that why new Pantene named as Nature Fusion. It is naturally derived from ingredients such as cassia and avocado flower. The bottle of the shampoo appeared so Eco-friendly. She also clear hair related queries of many bloggers. I was so surprised to know when she said that “every day there is loss of 50-100 hair and this is normal for everyone.” Growing of hair or loss of hair is totally depend on both hair and body cycle.


"Team no 7 Bouquet" 

The lunch was over and we were again recharged to have more fun. As the time was running short so this was the last activity announced. We have got petals,flowers , ribbons and bubble wrap to make the bouquet with unique slogan using 5 words specifically; Green, Cassia, Banta, Ainyehi and Sholay. It was my first ever that I was trying any bouquet to make and we finished with our bouquet with a slogan-
“bar bar green day aye, 
bar bar hum yu gaye,
Bar bar cassia mehkaye,
Santa or banta milke Sholay remix bnaye….” (That will be worth watching, must say)

At the end,  Yashodhra Lal had given few tips that how we can pen down a novel, accomplished our dreams and get ourselves published.

All the super duper fun was over and I was feeling like a little child who does not want to go home and want this fun to be continued with more games.

Like Every Women bloggers Meet, there was last group photo session and finally i have got a gift for making different facial expressions.

Group Photo-"Make Different faces"
My photo session was yet not over. I was keep looking around for the places where i can capture the moment.

Sweetest Indiblogger twosome-Isnt'?

"Mirror effect"- My last click at the staircase.

Eagerly waiting for the next meet, more fun, more adventure and just more and more.
"Ye dil mange more............"
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with loads of love//


  1. wowwwwwwwww....Jasmeet..it is incredible.
    Pl take me next tym if you have guests allowed there..

  2. It seems,u enjoyed a lot over dere....good to c that u had a rocking Sunday.. ;)

  3. You guys have having Max fun..! When will Indie come to Kolkata again. Enjoyed all the pictures, especially the last one :D

    1. Yeah Ghazala ..we had the max fun we could cheer up there..:)

  4. o bhai ... yaar kaafi mauj ki ho tum to ... sahi hai ....

  5. It was soo much of fun...this bloggers meet was indeed special and you have inked it so well...wonderful post indeed Jasmeet!

    1. Thanks a lot Ekta :) I'v missed the chance to meet u in the meet but next time for sure :)

  6. It was great to have met you, Jasmeet, at the blogger's meet. And thumbs up for the slogan that you came up with for the flower arrangement :)

    1. Thanku so much Amrita.. m so glad i met both talented and lovely lady bloggers in the meet.

  7. And your header image is just awesome!!!

  8. yep it was funtime!!



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