Oct 11, 2012

Oh! My dear friends……

My New friends...Clicked by EmoteStar//Jasmeet

So soft, so smooth
is your touch
I want to hold you in my hands….
This is your new home
Warm welcome
Oh! My dear friends……

Like a home of sea,
I dream to be with you,
by holding your feathers,
I’d like to dance with you….
Oh! My dear friends……

You have bright golden color,
And your charm melts my heart,
I do not feel alone even when
emotions fall apart……
Oh! My dear friends……

Your ripple of bubbles,
Sounds like melodious voice,
I’d like to sing in descant,
and you to feel rejoice…..
Oh! My dear friends……

I wish to be with you always,
From the sunrise to the dawn,
sing and dance
in the water to live on….
Oh! My dear friends……



  1. nice and beautiful lines ... to be loved is best feeling ,, let it be human or pet ... emotions beautifully forged in lines ...

    1. :) ya well said to be loved is the wonderful feeling

  2. They're so beautiful...makes me want to go the aquarium and chill.. :D :P
    Nice write-up as well... :)

  3. Replies
    1. Warm Welcome to you in my Blog :)
      and thanku for welcoming my new friends

  4. ********* FANTASY & GOOD COMPOSITION ::) ********

  5. Hey there! Got your blog's link thanks to the IndiBligger's meet :D
    And a big helloooo to your new friends!
    Following you! :)

    1. Hey Priyanka :) warm welcome to my blog . Glad we met and had fun together
      Cheers, keep reading n sharing

  6. Lovely clicks & beautiful poetry. :) The lines etched something unique. Nice blog dear, writings conveyed wonderful things out there :)

    1. welcome to my blog Tanya ...and thank u so much for the lovely comment


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