Dec 12, 2012

Crawling Thought !!

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It’s been so long I am away from my blog and I really miss everyday, does not matter I am updating it daily or not. I could not resist my emotions writing few lines when I see this cute baby image somewhere. It reminds me whether I write or not thoughts always crawl inside my head like a little kid. 

“It does not mean I am not writing anything I have stopped thinking. Thoughts always crawl inside my head like a little kid.” 



  1. Hi jasmeet,

    Welcome back to blogging. It is true that all writers face the tough task of fighting off writer's block.
    Quite an analogy you have described here, thoughts wandering like small babies.
    Keep posting Jasmeet :)



  2. Time to do something more innovative then :P


~♥ You and your words are precious for me ♥~


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