Feb 16, 2013

A letter to Daddy.....


This Poem has a strong bond between a father and daughter. A Daughter is so depressed in living far alone and experiencing social causes . Thus, she writes a letter to her father that how she feels by being a woman and really wanted to be his little girl again. 

  The pain in eyes, fear in my heart
when i look around in bright..
I say to myself,
I am not your fearless girl
anymore daddy
to whom you`v tamed to fight...

It was glory living in mother shell
like a beautiful white pearl..
I abide to see
the beauty of world..
my eyes crush in tears,
heart shred in pieces now
to see inhumane unfurled....
Why did i grew up daddy?
i asked number of times in hurdle..

You held my hands,
raised me up on your shoulders
whenever i fell down...
Oh Yes..
I have grown up
I am living miles away from you,
sometimes feel distant and moron...
I am afraid of falling down,
after i see brutality, i am
loosing mighty faith all around...

Your shoulders are not
strong enough,
for you picking me up high
is certainly tough..
you are the first man who have
forge a strong bond with me
today i have fear
to live life carefree..

Every time i find myself weak
i see your face in front of me..
i know you can not see tears
in my eyes,
You also feel sad and your heart
also cries...
I feel pain in my heart when i
see the changing world,
There are no morals and values
have left aside....

I wish if i could be your
little girl
 i am the priceless jewel for you 
more than a pearl...
I am scared in living the society
 but promise will never quit
in changing the world`s hue,
I am the same angel
whose wings are still 
waiting for the
the man like you....



  1. Pretty intense. eh?


    Himanshu Nagpal | Being Traveler

    1. Thanku Himanshu for dropping by. my true feeling direct from heart

  2. Lovely lines capturing very complex and deep emotions. Nice work!

    1. Thanku SubhoropJi..It is truly directed what i feel living in society

  3. Ah!! very touching poem Jasmeet! Being a little girl is wonderful phase in life - no tensions, no pretensions :)

    1. True Valli even no fear of loosing dignity being a little girl

  4. This Poem reminded me my daughter whom I used to call naughty daughty.

  5. I wish I could be my daddy's little girl again....when nothing was complicated and the biggest issue in life was choosing between pink and blue hair pins! When birthday parties used to be more than a lavish banquet hall party and the most dangerous thing on the planet used to be the baagad billa and gabbar.


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