Feb 19, 2013

A sweet conversation between Red and Black......

I feel as if i woke
up from dream,
she came to emerge
all my grim.. 

I was shocked but
diffident to say anything
In my excerpt of heart
it was different feeling...
Why did she choose me
i was still thinking? 

I am black, a symbol of hate
she is the divine beauty
emblem of love is her trait...
I was crying deep in my heart
tears was of happiness,
she seems to me godess
of love like venus 

Suddenly she appears like
an angel dressed in color red
my breathing became too
slow like i felt dead... 
She held my hand
and the touch was so soft
You stole my heart
she whispered and
i was almost lost... 

Love is divine,
It has no color,
Feeling i have got for you,
is hard to bear.. 

You know, i hate people
who plucks me and roughly shoved
But why do they forget
i also breathe
and i too can love... 

You are the not symbol of hate
but the sign of pretty dark,
where stars glows at night
and moon glisten with spark... 

I do not want to loose my breathe
please bring me with you,
otherwise someone will cleave
and my eyes again feel blue... 

The color, the beauty
and the aroma of my body
that all will die one day,
but spending my life with you
is all what i wish and pray.... 

Black was so happy and
smiled with big laughter..
As if he got heaven
and they both live happily
ever after......... 



~♥ You and your words are precious for me ♥~


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