Apr 22, 2013

Music and Me(et) …..............

Music is Friendship,
Music is Love,
Music is soul,
Sometimes Sufi, sometimes
rock and roll...
I feel numb,
without beats,
I feel sick,
without melody,
It is refelection of my heart
when I play strings
on my guitar....
It is dance,
like a zubby dubby doo,
It is funny,
like hu ha hu...
An appearance of feelings,
that makes me alive,
It becomes compulsion,
when I feel I cant survive...

Music is my hobby” and “I love listening Music” it might look like a kid mentioning when she is been asked her favourite hobbies but it is factual that “Music” is now partial source of breathing. You listen to it when you are probably sad and you sing when you feel jovial. Some people makes passion and career, some just cock-a-hoop with their work to delight thyself. Music for me is the background to life, a connection to memories, and easily manipulated to fit mood and expressions. It’s the ones that can carry out your emotions that hold attention and that’s because music has a full of meaning and spiritual meaning to me and I use it for either approaching anger out or removing the moan from my eyes. It gives me a emotion of relieve no matter the genre and that’s what I love most about music.If someone would ever ask what is the other element apart from Air, Water,Food, Fire and Earth? I wish if "Music" can be the 6th element to breathe. I try to articulate myself all the way through music. Music is just amazing that is a piece of me, inside me, and all around me.

Special Thanks to #HPConnectedMusic #Indimeet which reminded me “Music is not merely my hobby It refreshes me whenever I am tired, bored and demured.” It was rocking and refreshing musical event. I had fun with body shaking and musical moves. There was fun-rolling anchor “PrateekShah”, even his name is enigmatic isnt't? He has done fabulous job in making people crazily laughed and for different facial expressions.

Picture credits: Indiblogger

#HPConnectedMusic service is providing by #HP in partnership with Universal Music and Hangama. One click access, unlimited music collection and free download are the basic features and you need to upgrade your browser to use HPConnectedMusic and here is the link how to install the service.

After I came back home from the event, I saw my guitar which was lying-in beside my bed, alone since long, probably waiting for me to hit on strings. I was tired but refreshed after strumming the strings and retained a sigh of relief in playing  few demulcent and classy songs. 

singing was always my passion when i was a little girl. Playing different instruments Harmonium, Casio, Tabla and now Guitar is like I feel myself out of the world and insane. I believe that singing is not just an art; it's a mean of expressing one's emotions. 

I listen almost all forms of music and singers, ranging from classical to rock, Lata Mangeshkar's to Sunidhi Chauhan, Jagjeet Singh's smooth ghazals to Rabbi's sufinana andaaz, Rihanna to Enrique, Taylor Swift to Colbie Calliat, Pink Floyd to lady Gaga and the list will go on.

 From a very early age, I wanted to and have to quite an extent, attain a strong understanding of the use of tune, rhythm and beats, how to pace up, where to pause and breathe. This is it I am crazily insane for music like you, like everybody. We often remember the lyrics to our favourite songs, and we get excited whenever we hear them on the radio or on our mp3 players. Here, I am linking few my all time and recent favourite tunes, sometimes i go crazy in Item songs too, Sheela and Munni types. 

>> When you say nothing at all - Ronan keating
>> falling for you - Colbie Calliat
>> Hero - Enrique
>> Hona tha pyaar - Atif Aslam
>> Infinite Love - A.R.Rehman
>> Tere Ane ki jab khabar mehke - Jagjeet Singh
>> Gangnam Style - Inkigayo
>> Badtameez Dil - Benny Dayal
>> What makes you beautiful - One direction
>> Pani da raan vekh ke - Ayushman Khurana

For me the list is indeed endless....................
Bubbly Moments: As we all know, a picture speaks a thousand words. Here, few bloggers I`v met, giggled, cherished and enjoyed as always.

Sweethearts : White Window-Preetilata and Direct Dil se-Akansha

A photographer Aradhana and Dog with the blog-Abhishek

Desire Vs Destiny Rahul Miglani,Madhu, Tapdancingfingers-Ridhi, Dipali



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Blogon Malay and Welcome to Indi Family :)

  2. i missed out on this meet, but your post showed me a good picture!

    1. It was good event though i was bit in dilemma for the app if it can compete in the market. Hope to meet you in next upcoming events

  3. Hi Jasmeet
    Nice description and pictures. So this is why you were getting them clicked. :)
    Next time main bhi kheenchoongi. Just need to get my camera fixed first. :)
    It was great to meet you too 'simple, punjabi girl'.

    1. Yo Maa`m Madhu :-) will click more picture from ur cam then ....I was lucky i met you :)

  4. :)
    Loved the post!!
    :D such a cute one!

  5. good clicks & post..Music is a universal language which everyone enjoys!!!jasmeet Smiles:)GOD<3U

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  7. As you said, music can safely be considered the 6th element of our existence. It is indeed a desideratum for souls like me. It has become such an inherent part of our lives, that whether you want it or not, you'll always fall in love with the kind of music your soul always craved to consort with. And yes, the meet was indeed a helluva drive to be a part of. Thoroughly enjoyed this post. Keep blogging and all the very best for the contest.. :)

    1. Warm welcome to my little world Tushar. Thanks u so much for the wishes and i wish you good luck for your post:)
      Keep Sharing :)

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