May 10, 2013

Glimpse of silence...................

Million of reasons to smile,
when you see
the happiness around....
still there is some
murk in glory,
and serenity expound....

Sometimes my mind
speaks thousand words,
I could not say over but
it fervent like firworks...

Wake up early morning,
see the chirping birds,
you smiled and paused
just taciturnity rewords....

I reck on horde,
walking on the road,
the glimpse of serendipity,
still silence echoed...
I hear absolute silence,
while sitting near the seashore,
hit of little stone,
nothing happens,
but some undulant chaos...

When it shatters your
unblemished dreams
block your nerves
  from unremitting breathe...
It is the end of life
   when silence screams........


  1. Left speechless..... hats off.... !!!

  2. Hi jasmeet....this is such a powerful poem.....exceptional use of words....i loved those concluding words...when silence screams....

    1. Welcome to my little blogosphere Ritesh :)
      Thanks for you motivating words...

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  4. beautiful words,,, totally love it

    1. Warm welcome SJ
      Thanku for liking it and dropping by :)


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