May 20, 2013

My true toothful story.............

The tooth is the only human body part that can not repair itself.”

One of the most traumatic event of my life when I had visited to the dentist two years ago and after seeing my tooth condition using little torch and tools, he awkwardly said -
Oh no! Seems your tooth fractured. How many days are you suffering from pain and light bleeding?

With half opened mouth as I have never heard this term tooth fracture I replied in grim - “two weeks”

We will have to do X-ray? Doctor said in confused look

Even he made me confuse too. Anyways I said- ok please go ahead.

Tooth fracture?? hilarious...This is what my friend said and then turned back to laugh more.

After 10 minutes my condition became worst when Dr. Mishra elaborated that this is the deciduous tooth which has not broken yet and now its getting about serious infection in upper jaw. Just because of that baby tooth, the original tooth had grown beside and it did not get much space in the front position to get settled with others, so you have two infected teeth one on top of other.

What?? Baby tooth..LOL you are such a drama. You have not done proper brushing in childhood I am sure. Laughter was echoed in silence until my idiotic roomy realized she is siting inside the dentist clinic.

Doctor gave me few medicines for a week and advised to get extracted this tooth after recovery from pain.

Being apathetic I realized how stupid I was who thought it is lucky charm tooth who made my smile centered and now it is the time to say good bye to my charming tooth which were jointed to another tooth beside this.
Sincerely, I feel like break up of this lovely pair. 

Finally the day had come when I said good bye to that deciduous tooth. Another day I realized how weird I look with a space after the removal of baby lateral incisor and the original tooth was so behind to its position where it supposed to grown up.

That time I decided to visit some M.D or specialist who atleast would not scare me saying a tooth fracture in a first look.

Okay! So he advised me either to get a temporary plate which will take another two years to push that teeth to its position or to choose treatment of braces which will add on to remove the space between every teeth.

I pretty much spent the entire time feeling like I was in one of the those “alien abduction” recreations and solely they were working with mouth probe instead of anal probe. There I was, all numb on green tough couch, staring up at the dentist and his assistant who were wearing 3M masks, 2 instruments each, bright lights, hammers, water, drills, and only I can hear scary grinding sound while doctor was fixing braces.

It was so painful I had ever imagined. My mouth hurt like a sumbitch for about a week. All I could eat was mush cereal, gruel or porridge, boiled potatoes and sort of liquid food only.

Gradually, I got over from pain and accustomed to smile with braces. I have been advised to eat healthy food and skipping it once meant I would have to file a crime.  

It is indeed more painful to see your friends teasing you while eating pizza and burgers in front of you when they know you can not even imagine to have a single bite. I could not eat spicy, solid food and my favorite pizza for almost 10 months.

Although doctor had advised me to keep braces for some more time but as I could sense my whole upper jaw was mushing inside which need not be and the problem of lateral incisor seemed to be settled in its original position. The pain was unbearable in upper jaw and also I did not want my whole jaw got pushed within mouth. Hence, we decided to cut those braces. 

After 11 months of unsmiling days, despair silence and unusual fake smiles I have got my smile back which looked better than before. I got temporary plate to wear for next 6 months which was necessary to get this treatment capitally integrated.  

Getting positive results after spending so much quality time and money is really worthy for lifetime.

Like you, I also thought it would be the end of my tooth pain but no dear friends this story does not end here. Even after it was strictly recommended me to brush two times in a day, once I wake up and before I go to sleep, I did not cared much  and had used mouthwash for two months or so which later results a nasty mouth odor.

Few weeks passed, I saw little bleeding in gums while brushing and that was the time I felt myself as an animal who has committed some sting bites in her earlier lives and suffering in this life with such sort of mouth pain.

I rushed to the same doctor again, discussed my problem and he politely said-

I know dear you are pretty happy with your smile these days but my friend, teeth are equally the crucial portion of our body like heart and brain. It also needs attentiveness, care, precautions and needs its food on time means proper brushing. You were not doing that as I had advised you so now, here is a initial sign of “Pyorrhea” which does not occur in healthy gums”
I was amazedly listening the doctor and murmured in mind how submissive these dentists are, really? Anyways, I took that advise seriously and the problem of bleeding in gums was cured not with medicines but by using proper brushing, gargling and mouthwash. I eat healthy food and fruits. 
(Eating oranges is also effective in the cure of pyorrhea.)

Dear friends,

The moral of the story is -  
Deciduous teeth should be taken care in childhood.
If you want to save your money and most of all do not want to face such nosogenic conditions I had faced, care your teeth like you care for your skin.
Many times we spent lot of money in buying branded clothes, accessories, shoes or many skinny creams but we forget to care our health. 
Always remember, Never neglect warning signs when your body responds unassertive.
Consult the physician immediately!!!

This is a my true toothy tale and luckily got a chance to share for Colgate Total PRO- GUM HEALTH, Indiblogger Contest 
(This story has won the runner up award! Thank-you Indiblogger and Colgate!)



  1. Nice post and a nice smile too..

  2. Interesting narration....Good luck for the contest.

    PS- Your smile is not quite bad :/

  3. Thank u Ritesh and read urs wish u good luck fr ur post too :)
    ur PS. really gave me smirk smile :p
    noone can actualy understand the pain i hd gone thru..Tooth pain is the worst pain u c. but i got my smile back positively :D

  4. I can relate to that as I have an ongoing contract with the dentist. It is the worst pain and once, the dentist struggled to remove my tooth. What a trauma it was? I swear and have quite a few fillings. My problem is that I have a sweet tooth. Love ur beautiful and angelic smile::)

    1. Yeah Vishal..Tooth pain is really unbearable one.
      Thanku for ur visit and praise :)
      Keep sharing

  5. an interesting read, seriously! a strong contender for the Colgate contest!

    1. Thanks Ketan but it was direct from painful heart who suffered this trauma and still in fear for wisdom tooth pain which is yet to grown up

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  7. Can't stop laughing toothy princess.....would like to see a pic with braces too.....:p. Nd all d best....may u win a colgate toothpaste and mouthwash :D

    1. i dnt have else i would have been shared. and for toothpaste hamper for sure i will get, there r lot more prizes my toothy mouth is looking for :D

  8. kaafi comments aa gaye ... i don't feel like commenting now .. he he ..
    jokes apart .. nice narration of painful incident ...

    1. :D ya ya u r my competitor ;) all the best for your post too Malay

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