May 5, 2013

Tresemme Girl................

TRESemme Girl in Messy Swamp look!
A girl is always catchy and can flaunt with hairstyles wherever she goes and so do I praxis the same. I actually do not remember when did I platted my hair after schooling. The day I released from kiddy days I keep on experimenting with my hair to groom it as different hair styles each day like messy, wavy, rolls, stright, wedding flower pettals, ramples, side braid but it all holds occasionally as in busy office schedule you can not even give a croony thought to braid your long hair early in the morning. It is much easier for me to let my hair open straight, do the disy comb, and rush for the office.

After a long time my zest for platting and braid hair style is evolving when i saw a video
in TRESemmeIndia which asked me to upload any of my picture and it was jaw-inspiring, see yourself images below and explore daily your new hairstyles in few minutes. 

I have chosen One Sided braid, Balloon ponytail and twisted Up-Do for my long hair


Wow! I am surely be a new TresemmeGirl!! This post is my entry for TRESemme Ramp Ready Hair!!
 --Check out hairstyle, click here

A winning article, runner up! 


  1. You look gr8 this way too Jasmeet! Hope you get enough time to experiment with hairstyles!

    Good luck for the contest :)


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