Jul 19, 2013

The dark night......

I am so distressed yet connected and moved to pen down today. My thoughts and emotions always made silent ripples inside my heart but today the turmoil have echoed like sound around the mountains,deeply touched like waves in the sea.

One of the office colleague has attempted suicide while sitting in the office due to deep depression. My heart blasted with bundle of questions, why do people commit suicide and forget about the loved ones around? Really the situtaion or they failed to fight??

This is small effort to spread a message to those who fail to fight against destiny and opt to finish life very lightly.

Life is precious and worth living. We are blessed and gifted with such beautiful present to live every moment either tough or happy; love, live, and laugh like there is no emergency.”

I was walking down the road,
crowded places and people around
suddenly a very harsh sound
in the very next moment
everyone collected to see the wounds..

It was a girl who seem to be aloof
red blooded who fall from the top roof …
the condition was critical to save,
everyone said she was broken heart
by a muff who cheated and betrayed...

A mistake, lost love and deep regret,
guilt, stumble, failure and heavy debt...
when depression takes over
your thought of vision,
Suicide” becomes the last decision..

Some poisoning their life,
some are falling from the top,
few thinks life is not giving positive
and finishing it without any thoughts..
Committing suicide is the way to escape,
this thought may give relief,
which may not written in the fate....

How can you be sure, after you die
things will go well and
your death will be the end of suffer??
rather, may be life after death,
is harder and tougher...

May be more gripes, more pain,
may be a penalty rather than a gain..
may be your soul rove for the peace,
may be your death become worse,
suicide is not the relief but more of curse...

Before you think about dying,
and finishing your life with the ease..
think of the woman who gave you birth
and man who sacrifices his desires,
in making your life worth.......

Think about the people who
charms with your smile
who worries when you cries,
who feels pain when you are hurt,
friends who stands by you forever...

Your kids, your life partner,
your friends, your well-wishers
who think of you everytime in their mind,
What is their fault whom you
are thinking to left behind?
before you think to sleep and say
good bye forever...
think about those who can never
come out from that dark night ever....

Tough times come, hard may be the survival
phase of life, never stays for longer
fighting and facing them with
spirit, makes you stronger...

Suicide is not the only solution
Do not ever choose to die...
Smile for the reasons and not worthy to cry
try to sip of different flavors,
life is giving you everyday..
learn from the challenges
face them, do not run away....
Life is like a cake, make it, taste it!
It is precious vantage, do not waste it!



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  2. Hey Jasmeet, beautiful and hard-hitting poem. It's sad to hear such news when people give up and why dreams die so young, I wonder!

    1. Thanku for the visit and ur precious words, Vishal!
      It was actually painful even to think abt finishing life so easily.
      Keep reading, sharing!

  3. Jasmeet,

    Hi baby, how's you? Good to read you, please take care. I know how you feel and it is terrible :(

    1. hey Ghazala...its been long i read ur blogs,, i was completely out of touch...
      i am good hoping the same for you dear.


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