Aug 30, 2013

My Life, My rules!!!
Its been a long while I had written anything different apart from blogging competitions. I am running with a pace of life and trying to find the way to do something different. Its been few months i have cut myself from whatsapp or Instant messaging for no reasons, I hate being in any addiction. Facebook, twitter, gmail seems to me a part of food that I have to have twice or thrice in a day as a routine. When my phone beeps in between the running busy schedule it may happen I am engaged to check at the same moment, that is for sure it would be checked in a same day. Way of living, hobbies, random dreams, writing passion, unknown admires, technical competence lot many more has been changed in last 5 years when I had started working way back in 2008.

Really, life seem to me as a robotic instrument which embedded in a similar routine like every other common people. Of-course! I do not want to be in a lime-light like a celebrity but yes I wish to be little peerless, wanna be adventurous and live my life the way I want to mold on without any stress on my head and others rules & regulations.

I believe, every individual has blessed with some unique persona and idiosyncrasy. Some are affluent in scribbling, some see the whole world from their red eyed lenses and angled through photography, some may have passion for bikes and traveling, some may enthusiast for music and art, some may have strong capability to rhythm in verses, many hidden talents we may unaware but being a person we are apprised with our self-caliber and potency. Everyone has some basic approach to live their life in their own way. I also know my strength and fecklessness and how to react in handling tough times. sometimes i may fall in trying hard to achieve something and may get what destiny has decided for me. It all depends how you take and react against failures or success and live life in a simple way.

I believe in living life
without complexities
and i do what I wish for!

That is why I call it is my life and I follow my undefined rules. Please do not judge me when you are not aware of my undefined rules and can not live my life. Before you define my life, my character, walk in my shoes and walk the path I have traveled. Live my sorrows and my fear, live my life and then yes you can testimonies me.

You better be me ,
to know what i am ,
to know what i am not ;
to know what I've got ,
and what I've lost,
to know me fully,
you need to have my eyes to see,
to know what i am ,
you better be me ....
(These poetic lines by “Malay Asthana” my colleague and a blogger frnd)



  1. It's true that everybody should set their own rules to live the life at the fullest.

    1. Hello Mousumi, truly said...thanks visiting my blog

  2. Ha ha nice one Jasmeet! This is Utopia: to define your own set of rules and live by them:)

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