Aug 9, 2013

Reflection---As beautiful as your work

Beautiful is who, who believe in loving thyself, live the way they want to and can create the beauteous ambiance around. We crave about the beauty in various beauty products, we often search remedial in newspaper, magazines, may surf Internet or hoardings but have you ever noticed, sometimes we look so graceful when you are happy within, when you smile for no reasons and when you shower back your happiness wherever you go. The “Beauty”, I am referring is much more eternal & pure- I am referring to Beauty of Peace, content, completeness and elegance. The beauty of contentment and for the moment to think -”I am the most beautiful person on this earth”, no matter what other thinks. It is I who can be the one to weem the world , how lustrous anyone can be. The beauty I am enlightening is for the most beautiful woman I admire, my “Mother” (Mommy).

They say-A daughter is always an angel for her father and i say i have a beautiful angel at home who understands my unsaid words and makes me smile before i tear down. She is the one who make be believe in myself and stand by me at every circumstances. I could never say proudly myself as an independent girl without my mom. Through this post I wanna be truly thankful to her for always being my angel friend. You have grown me up so well mommy that i would cherish my whole life. 

  An IT/Telecomm engineer whose life is stuck between two places, (home and office), who did not get much time to look in to the mirror for so long, who is not fashion zionist and the one who likes to get-up in comfort apparels.  
One of my most precious treasure that gifted by mommy on my birthday (When i had started working 5 years back) is the Gold chain with two connected hearts. Usually people wear hearts for their partner and I wear for my parents without whom I am nobody.
Wherever I go, people say “You are the complete resemblance of your mother” and believe me there is no other praise can be as magnificent than this.
My tears may dry,
I may get engaged
in life`s hue and cry...
my pain in living far
from my home may evanish,
The way you have grown me
mommy, till the end of my breathe
I will cherish....I will cherish
You are my closest friend,
whom I fight and share,
who loves and care,
who sacrifice her wishes,
who bring smile to the faces...
everything that made me applause
and look beautiful
in my work that I do..
Mommy, because of only you.

Somewhere I see myself exactly same as Megha in the below video where she is as beautiful as her work and in my life this happened because of another woman I saw working whole day at home beautifully and presenting well in front of familly and relatives, my mommy.

Watch this video , you may find somewhere your own reflection. 

My Mia woman is my mother and I am her reflection!
This blog is my entry for Mia Contest by Tanishq //Jasmeet


  1. Absolutely mumma's girl.. very nicely done Jasmeet.
    loved the poem.. In fact I tried one too..

    1. Thanks a lot Majulika :) wish u gud luck too

  2. Don't have words to express what I am feeling right now....just Beautiful...

  3. now, your mom is the real super star

  4. I am going to have to say "thank you" to you for this post of yours. It rarely happens because I am skeptical about things, and maybe that is part of growing up. So yes, you did leave me speechless.

    Godspeed you young lady!

    1. Your words made me believe on me:) Welcome to my littl blogosphere.
      Thanku so much for dropping by

  5. Lovely writing Jasmeet!A very passionate post:) Best wishes for the contest!

  6. very nice poem.. i really loved it!


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