Sep 3, 2013

Day3: 7 States I traveled (Part1)

Day3,4 theme - a seven day blogging challenge is “7 states I traveled” (Part1).
Write-tribe has given such a miraculous challenge that my thoughts are becoming endless. I want to write everyday something different. Before I post any article, there have had many things already messed up in my mind to write about.
After posting by 7 Colors and 7 Nuclear plants, my mind is itinerating like a cycle. Somehow i have manged to opt day3 theme to make you all stroller like me.
I am nympholept for traveling and never bothers to make group or to search companions before I peruse for rambling.
7 States I traveled in India: Read it thoroughly, you might get few interesting fact about me and who knows it may remind your native place! It can actually be detailed article so I have divided this theme in two parts.
Where I born, brought-up, studied and made my life visible. When I had first join college in Greater Noida, everyone easily recognized me as a UP girl because we have shahi andaaz. We speak in humble manner, prefix “hum” inspite of “mein”.
Kanpur is my native place and I am a proud kanpurian. The largest city of UP and was origanlly known as 'Kanhpur'.
The Holy Ganga: Varanasi
UP is famous for education(IIT-K, KGMC-top medical college, HBTI-Kanpur), Holy places (Ganga, Sangam rivers in Allahabad, Varanasi), One of the 7 wonders(The Taj Mahal- Agra), Kanpur leather industries, Banarasi saree and pan, world famous mithai wala (Thaggu ke ladoo-Kanpur), Lord krishna`s (Virindavan, Mathura) and Lord Rama`s birth place (Ayodhya), and many many more.
I am fortunate to roved many cities in U.P.
KANPUR, LUCKNOW, AGRA, Vrindavan, Mathura, Meerut, Allahabad, Jhansi, Bithoor, Fatehpur, Bareilly.

Delhi, NCR(National Capital Reagion)
Though Noida is associated in U.P., I consider this as my second native place (in NCR) where I have been living more than 10 years now.
Saddi dilli” sounds better than New-Delhi, is much known for high class rich punjabis and street food. My mother is from delhi and my all relatives stays there. Very obvious every weekend you can find me gad about different places in Delhi. I can never explain if I ever have to leave NCR, how would I react, express and pour out my real love. I may silently cry, I may hide my inner-pain, I may get disquietness in living far from family and friends, I may irate, iritate and may get the sign of low living spirits. I really do not know what would happen, the only thing I can sense is “I am so attached and love Delhi, NCR.”   
Saddi Delhi
Delhi is the fourth largest city in the world, second most populous city after Mumbai and largest in terms of area. Delhi replaced Kolkata as the New capital of India. 
NCR (National Capital Region) includes neighnouring cities as 

Gurgaon, Sonepat, faridabad, Mewat, Rohtak, Rewari, Jhajjar, Panipat, Palwal (Haryana)
Baghpat, Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater- Noida, Meerut, Bulandsheher (U.P.)
Bhiwadi (Rajhasthan)
I have covered almost part in NCR except Bhiwadi, Baghpat, Rohtak and Jhajjar. 
Delhi is famous for everything you wish for: Shopping markets,street-food, tourist places,Top education (IIT- Delhi,Delhi university, FMS, DCE), grand shopping malls (including NCR) and many more. The only serious matter I am concerned for Delhi/NCR is security for girls/women where the National capital is somewhere depreciating its charm in the country. 
Hyderabad (A.P.) from where my daddy belongs to. Usualy people ask me from which region I belong in Punjab because I am sikh. They actually feel a sudden jolt when I say my daddy is from Andhra, my mommy is from Delhi and I born and brought in UP.
Ohh really! Then it must be a love marriage. Kool yaar! This is what they revert.
I don`t know about love or arranged. They are happily married since 38 years and yeah now we are four siblings.Ofcourse without love and attachment it could not be posssible! My simple common response to all.
Let me cover the city Hyderabad. The only city in Andhra I had wander when I probably very little girl to roam alone. All the stories about this royal city I have heard from daddy only.
Charminar: Hyderabad
Once upon a time in Hyderabad:
Red chilli famous pickle, Idli-Sambhar and vada(My favourite), Charminar (signataure of the city like Eiffel tower in paris ), Hazur Saheb Gurudwara (Few kms far from the city), Shahi tombs, Birla Mandir (Venkateswara Temple), Museums, ancient forts, Hussainsagar and Osmansagar Lake, Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park. My daddy has been setteled long time back in UP so it is not often we visit AP.I have a strong will to roam once again in Hyderabad. 
West Benagal
(Kolkata a city in WB, I had visited for an official tour)
Kolkata (formly known as Calcutta) is a city of joy, calmness, fun-loving, full of humble people, famous for fishes (I am pure Vegie. btw), different sweets and rashgulas (loved it), silk-sarees, Lakes, british-ancient buildings and namy more.
Places I have seen in a single free weekend:
  • Writer`s Building
  • Howrah bridge
  • Victoria Memorial
  • Indian Museum
  • New market
  • Park Street
  • had different type of sweets(Saundesh)
  • Lakes
  • Beaches (Mandarmani, Digha) 

to be continued in Part2 (tomorrow)........... 

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  1. Wow you have travelled widely. I live in Delhi and love it.Even though I have travelled a lot but did not find a better place than Delhi.

  2. Great post Jassy. It's amazing how much you have travelled coz it gives you a broader perspective. Hyderabad pic is amazing.

  3. So, been all over the country Jasmeet?

  4. seven states already traveled...waiting for your other posts

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    Karan - Brother


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