Sep 3, 2013

Day4: 7 States I traveled (Part2)

Day3 theme- a seven day blogging challenge is “7 states I traveled” (Part2).

Part 1 can be read here
Himachal Pradesh
The family trip was from “Delhi to Kullu Manali” so obviously we all enjoyed staying different cities passes on the way in Punjab too. Like Chandigarh, Anandpur Sahib, Amritsar, Manikaran, Ludhiana, Patiala)
(I was in class X when I first saw the city of nature-Chandigarh. I loved the greenery and joyful people there. Punjabis are well known for support and big hearts and so I completely feel like home there.)
CHAIL, near Shimla
Tirthan Valley
Himachal Pradesh “The state of Himalayas” From Jammu (Vaishno-Devi temple),Kullu, Manali, Mussoorie, Tirthan Valley and Chail are the major hill stations I have been few years back and a feeling of awe mixed with joy pervades you as you look back in time. Kully-manali and Mussoorie a family trip and rest all with friends. If any abundant, exuberant natural beauty exist then it will be only and only in Himachal pradesh.
My next targets are Shimla and Kashmir.
Uttrakhand: State of holy cities and religious places
The city where I went to accomplish my childhood dreams, where I was excited all 5 days in different activities, where I cherished my life`s valuable days, city which is situated on the foothills of the himalayan.
Song river, Near Dehradun
Dehradun, one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. Surrounded by beautiful hills, doon valleys and dense forests, city welcomes tourists to come and enjoy real world of nature. I was there for 5 days IAF(Indian Air Force) academy as the candidate of ChestNumber-12 in short selection board. I have visited many Budha temples there and the most beautiful Budha sculpture which is of 62 feet (I do not remember righly but a guess)I admired a lot was “Tibbat-Temple”
Three major cities in uttrakhand I want to visit on priority:Badrinath, Gangotri and Haridwar.
Sadly! Kedarnath has faced unforgettable disaster (May all the souls who lost their lives , rest in peace!)
The Taj Hotel
Last but not the least, seventh state: “Amchi Mumbai” or better say “Mumbai meri jaan” (Mumbaikars usualy say this)
If I have to start writing something for MAH, I will for sure start writing the big bollywood city “Mumbai”. Unfortunately I have been there for some time as again a short offical trip (in Navi Mumbai) but let me tell you my experience was not that great that I would wish to go back again. Reasons are simple and known. I am a person who less travels in a bus and trains (luxury trains like Rajdhani or Shatabdi) only when I have to go hometown but there I was appalled and shocked to see the crowd in local trains that I had ever seen in my life before. What to say more? for 2-3 days I loved enjoying Mumbai rains but again it makes me angry when I reached office with drenched clothes. 
What i have observed, Hindi or Marathi is must for banners...Matra Basha!
Marine Drive
In other way if have to explain “Mumbai”. It is the city of big hearts, maidenly and submissive maharashtrians, a place surrounded by beaches, jaw-inspring huge buidlings and architecture,lovers spot and beautiful scenic “Marine Drive”, Juhu beach, Bandra Market, Film city, Chowpatty beach, The Taj hotel, The Gateway of India Central Park-Kharghar, Hazi-ali Mosque, SiddhiVinayak Temple, Powai lake. I also visited Shirdi, sai baba ke dwar.
There are many more places left in Maharashtra, I will definitely explore in future.
Time to summazrize friends, It would be greatful to know from which state and city you belong to. Please please leave your comments with your place, I am eager to add in my list.
7 states I traveled (Part1) Read here.


  1. Hi, I belong to a place called Trichy in Tamil Nadu but live in Goa. I bet you have visited Goa.

    Joy always,

    1. Ohh yes Tamilnadu i have never been ..beaches, temples are famous there in Madras..naa :( Goa is still in my top list may be after i meet my partner :D

  2. I am basically from Mangalore, Karnataka, raised in Bhilai, chattisgarh, studied in Bhilai, Mysore, Warangal. worked in Mumbai, my parents presently stay in Vizag while I live in Bahrain :)

    1. Wooooo so many new places..i have been to Bangalore for a interview but did notroam much. :)

  3. Beautiful captures. I am from Assam :) but have stayed in almost all parts of India.

    1. Great to know Rajlakashmi. I have many friends from Assam (Guhawati). I would love to be enlist in this. Thanks reminding me for Assam or must say about "Seven Sisters" of india all near by places i wana explore

  4. Stunning visuals, Jassy:) I love Mumbai and you gotta be there again. wow! It seemed u've seen so much of city life::)

    1. Yuppp Mumbai all in all it was great experience but i did nt get much time to spend more time so definitely Mumbai tou jana pdega

  5. Hey.."Me" i wanna know ur name please :) everytime you comment i got confused as i have to say Thankyou "" :D

  6. Marine drive is one place i quite often visit..almost once a week...even in all the traffic and noise around I find it very calming and soothing

    you can check my post here -
    Karan - Sisters


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