Dec 5, 2013

Tipi tipi tap: which flavor do you want?

Alchohal is not a solution to anything but sometimes it replaces moments with fun and pleasure.”
It was just like another day I was out with my friends, giggling, rolling over on witty jokes, poking noses around the corner, pulling each others legs and really the day was going like comic relief. We actually plan to hang out abruptly for a movie “Goliyon ki ras leela -ram leela” and a small get-together.

The movie was really snoring and the worst part ever in the hall, we all five were hooked by two golden and oldie couples right next to our corner seats(I assume their age in between 65-70). Whenever any rough and seduced diagoue was egressing, we had no choice left than seated back quite rather making any sort of hooting, gosh! our hard luck. Their (refering to aged couples) eyes were grazing us more than the movie. Anyways, Deepika and Ranvir were looking too hot and so, we enjoyed the movie in silence.

When we came out from the PVR, we breathe like we were tie-seated in a jail and burst in laughter loudly. There was no better option than a Cafe-Bar to allow our mind in ease and comfort.

After a mile walk, finally we found space with soothe musical band Yoooo ; Blues- bar in cannaught place, Delhi. It was my first visit in Delhi -Bar and the last was in Kolkata (The Park Hotel). 
Guys, lemme clear one more thing please, please do not get confuse in Cafe-Blues and Blues - bar as both are co-located next to each other and many foodie may stuck to dim lighted restaurant in cafe-blues and the place youngsters do ususaly prefer is a cafe-“bar”. It was just a kind of “warning”, we made blunder in the first instance. 
This pik was taken @ Cafe-Blues where initially seated and mistaken as pub "Blues" :P
 I never knew it wud have been so much fun than I can ever imagine. It was far better pub than I had been in kolkata. I found best in all prospectives; service, atmosphere, quality of drinks (as my friends said, m just mocktail lover:P) , ambience, lightening, crowd and yeah their staff. I loved the place throughly may be because I am rock music lover and an appetite for decent food. I loved that when Mohit (my office colleague and a friend) ended with a statement-”Blues is your little old world yet a classy place with good ol rock music and beer” because the place was of his choice and we all second that later.
Blues- Bar and Pub restro
People were enjoying music in front row, couples were for-soothing round the corner in romantic mood, few oldies were also postured relax and yeah we were one of those who were making loud sound in giggles. Suddenly, I do not know, what happened?
Bhawana (my colleague)started repeating Tipi tipi tap-What flavor do you want? 

Be quite. -I advised her

Vipul said in queer and funny gesture: “Lime”

hello! please bring Bacardi-Lime flavor - Bhawana ordered quickly to one of service man.

I want Blackberry - Mohit also ordered!

I was still confused - opened menu and politely asked Bhawana I want one mocktail yaar please suggest some.

Before I could say anything for flavor, she burst out in laughter and exclaimed “Lovely” You may go for normal restro for red-bull and juice why do not you just try Breezer. Breezer? Whats that? I asked in jumpy mood.

This time everyone`s eyes were on our table when Vaibhav shouted loudly -
You don`t know Breezer? Damn!
Okay leave! naam mein kya rakh hai, taste kro aj (nothing remain left in name, try taste the flavor) Tipi tipi tap - remember this game we used to play in school, so now you have to choose any one flavor from Breezer. He showed me menu and different flavors there .

See, I am taking Jamaican Passion- Vaibhav said and at the same time Bhwana said-I love “Orange” as both color and flavor wise.

Orange was seemed to me like juicy flavor so I said okay if less alchohal I will also take the same.

No darling, You have to choose different flavor Bhwana gurr sharp minded.

I sounded in grim and ordered okay Cranberry please! But in one condition, promulgated silently around the table that if I dont like it, anyone of you will have to exchange with me as I will taste first from you all. So it was the deal.

I of-course tasted each flavor (hee hee pehle peena nai tha baad mein sara taste kiya) but I like the most both “berry” Cranberry and Blackberry. Cranberry was little pineapple like ; especially red color attracted me and blackberry little close to lemon tasted. All bottles looked slim, colorful and authentic.

I got a slight headache and have got a mess with it (may be because of taking first time) though it was refreshing and not that sugarie (I like less sweet).
--> For someone like me, who is a mock-tail and Coke drinker these Breezer's taste like little soft drinks. Sure after I had my first one I did feel the alchohal hitting me after a little while, but this tends to happen whenever you drink something new. After that it just didn't get to me again and after two of them I just gave up and went back to my fruit juice. Well at least they contained fruits and the only consolation. Anyways, it was the good start from Bacardi and I am sure the next turn will surely gonna come soon :)
This is surely a drink for occasional and moderate drinkers and not die hard drinkers. This is certainly not something that I would never consider taking up as my regular tipple. To me this is more like a "soft drink" with a little buzz to keep you interested. 
I ended up with a statement-
I wish if I could taste many other flavors available in menu “- My witty friends had started teasing and poking me.

(I had then researched in wiki and Breezer websites,like any other first time non-drinkers:
Bacardi Breezer, Breezer for short, is a fruit wine-based alcopop with 4.4% alcohol in Australia, 4%/5% Canada, 6.6% in the United Kingdom and 4.5% in Europe and 2% in India. It comes in a variety of fruit flavours: lemon, peach, pineapple, apple, ruby grapefruit, lime, orange, blackberry, watermelon, cranberry, coconut, raspberry, blueberry, pomegranate, strawberry, and mango, and it is also available in both chocolate and piña colada flavours. A number of the flavors are available in the Half Sugar range.).

Bacardi Breezer`s consist of Bacardi Rum blended in with the relative fruit juices, the relative flavors and sparkling water to create these "Rum Refresher" drinks.

Disclaimer: Drinking even 4% alchohal can also make you habitual for drinking other stuffs. Guys, drink it on your own risk. Trial occasionally, hmm not a bad idea either.

This post is true story a month back and shared for Indiblogger Bacardi-Breezer contest.  CHEERS!


  1. O.. thats a story... good fun with office gang... I joined the Cranberry team too...

    1. and we won :D received the token of rewards (A month supply 31 bottles wooooow

  2. good job jasmeet !!

    Lets celebrate !!


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