Jan 13, 2014

Recharge with a new Tariff-Plans.......”Kuch Extra ho jaye life mein"

Have you ever heard the term, Tariff? Tariff or new schemes that telecomm operators may launches with some benefits, advanced features, promotions like If you recharge with any particular10 rs tariff, you may get 300mb with extra 50 local messages free. People are obsessed for new offers and services are being provided to them. We actually rush for things we are getting extra recharged and extra benefits. Tariff is nothing but a method of charging for the supply of services, esp public services, such as gas and electricity or it is also used in custom duty for import services as amount of tax.

You know what I exactly mean of tariff in the sense of using new services? I need something extra to recharge, something more than or beyond what is usual, normal than what it is given earlier, does not matter what is extra charged to buy a new tariff.

I want to recharge my silky hair like some new tariff plan, new services, addon benefits, advanced features and different promotions.

I want to make my own demo statements like “Kuch extra ho jaye life mein” and when you get something extra, you feel “wow”, your feet dance like a peacock, your body shakes like a robot and absolutely your hair swings in the air freely. I know, you might feeling what idiocy i have explained here to recharge my hair but guys!
 Kuch extra kaam karta hai or thoda extra mile tou acha lagta hai na!
(Some extra actually works and it feels great to get something extra)

This post is written for  Indiblogger-Recharge your hair, recharge your life with sunsilk contest!

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