Feb 11, 2014

Knowledge is power!!!

Knowledge of what is does not open the door directly to what it should be ~ Albert Einstein

As it stated the quote very correctly that there is no direct entry for the true knowledge but it has to be find what you really expect for yourself. True knowledge never invites by open arms yet it has to be earn with hard work and true dedication. It is simply not easy to define any sort of knowledge in words yet we can lay down what we really appellant for.

There may be different form of knowledge still the goal of all linguistic is same.

                     Latin: Scientia (translates ‘knowledge’). ‘Science’ derives from this word.
    Greek: Sophia (translates ‘knowledge’, ‘wisdom’). ‘Philosophy’ derives from this word.
    French: Connaisance (translates ‘ knowledge’, ‘to be acquainted with’). ‘Connoisseur’ derives from this word.
    Finnish: Tieto (translates ‘knowledge’) derivate of ‘tie’, the road, referring ‘knowing the way’.
Spending six years in an organization is really not less than winning a competitive battle and hence, it increases my appetite to gain and achieve more and more. Studying in abroad was always in my wishlist and now it is no longer uphill task for young and experience people who are opting higher studies in different countries away from India. It is much easier for student and young aspirants to go abroad for various specializations.

After a lot of web research I found the UK is a leader in research and innovation and has 114 Nobel prizes. UK universities and colleges are one the top most leading and highly rated in the world. Recently, British council launched the GREAT scholarship programme for India with around 370 scholarships worth approximately 100 million for 260 undergraduate and postgraduate courses in England. 

After this, There is no second thought in choosing my own area of interest and studying abroad in UK. If dreams really come true then I too have a secret dream to be a corporate-leader and study “Executive-MBA” from London Business School. It is best in all aspects either it is skills and exceeds in knowledge. LBS provides the programme at two locations either in London or Dubai with a 20 month period of intensive study and professional development.

All the answers of my hidden queries has been ascribed in the website very clear, precise and descriptive manner.
Why this programme?
Duration and cost?
Management categories to choose?
What suits to the best of my knowledge?
                                             Benefits and Career Impact? 

There was a day when a man was in an uncivilized stage. He lived in caves and dens. He was afraid of wild animals. Gradually civilization came to human society and man acquired knowledge. With its attainment he became civilized. Now knowledge has made him ruler over nature. He has used the force of nature to his needs. Nothing remains unknown to him. He has become a great scientist, skillful artist, an entrepreneur, a mighty creator of things and a noble path finder of life. Advancement of civilization and culture would be impossible without knowledge. Knowledge plays an important role in the progress of art, literature, science, philosophy and religion. So knowledge is power. It has led man for progress. Mighty minds with power of knowledge can rule the minds of millions. I am so engaged to enhance my skills at the level where I can make my weaknesses as my strengths. I am civilized, loyal to what I work, extremely devoted to improvise my past failures and have learned from blunders. If i would have to lead the place where i work, i might have to learn how to support others to accomplish different assignments. It has been said that "Management is doing things right and leadership is doing the right things." Without management, leadership alone can not hold all the things to be done rightly. That is why i have a wish to learn all the techniques to be a entrepreneur and a leader by a course of "Executive-MBA".  

Dreams has no age and even dreaming bigger is not a crime. 

I wish if my own words can grant a message to the world one day! 
~ A future leader who dreams big.
I am very much positive by the message below of one of the leader, Director Mr. Richard Everitt of British Council India. 

                           This post is my entry for Indiblogger Contest "Knowledge is great". 


  1. Loved the way you've explained the word knowledge in different languages. You've used facts, important dates, course duration etc about MBA degrees really well, too. All the best for the contest Jasmeet. :)

    1. Welcome to my little world Khushboo :) Thanku so much for dropping by....please drop ur blogging link too


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