Mar 15, 2014

Daddy's girl yet to be a Mrs......

It was like a new day when
daddy sat next to me,
said nothing and smiled..
just gave a little box..
and asked to open after a while,
tears in his eyes,
also happiness resides..
I was numb, quite sad,
do not know what to say..
years were just passed by..
Mumma, please come
pinched me! as if I needed
a reason to cry..
You might held my hands,
when I first crawl,
stood behind me always and
grown me as daddy's pretty girl...
 I will miss the place
of all my years I have spent here..
will miss you Daddy,
who always stand by me forever...
was unable to inhibit tears,
bursted so loudly that I can
wish if I could only daddy's girl
he is my only ideal man!
the day has come, Daddy
I said with heavyhearted,
when a daughter will be a wife
who has to be fully devoted...
Your pretty little girl...
is yet to be a Mrs.  
I, then laughed with wet lashes.....
Daddy always called me,
a “little bird” who wanted
to fly high in the sky,
so he gifted a wonderful gift
to roam around the world..

Does not matter if i am going to be someones wife
  I will always be your little girl throughout my life..............
Thankyou Daddy!

This is my entry posted for British Airways, Indiblogger Contest!

I am yet to be Someones Mrs.....For all #MrAndMrs 
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  1. Very sweet post Jasmeet! Best wishes for the contest!

  2. Superlike Jasmeet....all the best for the contest!!


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