Mar 26, 2014



You may have read environment saving tips a thousand times. While, for some of you it may be the first time.
This Earth Hour, I urge you to take a few steps and make a difference. Small steps. Small commitments. But the ones that will be counted!
Whether at office, at home, out shopping or in the garden – by following some simple steps and altering our daily habits, we can do our bit to create a greener and a healthier ecosystem! 

So here are some simple steps which you can follow at office and at home: 

  1. Think before you print! When printing, use both sides of paper
  2. Turn off computers and laptops when not in use. Set your machine to sleep mode during breaks
  3. Don’t use screensavers on your computers, laptops and mobile phone since it consumes more energy
  4. Travel less by car, opt for carpooling or use public transport
  5. Remember to switch off the lights of the conference room when your meeting gets over
  1. Use energy-efficient household appliances. Switch off appliances and lights when not in use. Use rechargeable batteries
  2. Save water by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth .
  3. Use washing machine or dishwasher only when you have a full load and run it on power/water saving mode
  4. Carry your own bags when you go out for shopping
  5. Opt for online statements instead of paper statements
  6. Say "No" to souvenirs which are made from any endangered species, including animal hides and body parts, tortoise-shell, ivory, or coral - they could be illegal
  7. Use organic compost to improve soil health and reduce the need for pesticides and fertilizers 

    Please add your comments to share more of your knowledge.......Together we can bring the change easily!
By making simple changes in our lifestyle, we can contribute in a significant way to save the depleting natural resources of our planet.
This Earth Hour, let’s pledge to change the way we live!

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  1. Hey! Jassy! These are small things that we can do for our planet but, often, we don't realize. Like all your tips and high time to discard the carry bags made of plastic and opt for eco friendly bags that we will not throw in the bin.


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