Mar 3, 2014

Skyscanner: An event to remember


I have had attended so many Indiblogger events in past but the #Skyscanner meet was indeed one of the biggest event I have experienced. The venue, Le Meridian was grand, food was awesome, every set of corner was full of bloggers and the chaos seemed to be a full of different rebellions. After the meet, i am motivated enough to blog about all my past experience in traveling. My nexus of love in traveling is quite different and definitely it will give me something to follow my dreams in coming years.

After relishing the lunch, the very first thing which i did that i had installed Skyscanner-app in my mobile as one of my blogger friend recommended the same.
I never knew it will become a requirement for a puzzle-game we played there.
I did not participated though i was the moral supporter to indulge in making their story from Scotland to New-York to Maldives :P (just guessing). Skyscanner is an online travel-portal which helps you to buy cheapest air tickets around the globe with a click of button. I am more of buying things on-line and love to shop via my mobile. So, for me this app surely gonna help to travel more at lowest prizes, i already discovered few.
Snapshots from my phone S2
 The meet was going as always, splendid! You know, the craze inside hall becomes double whenever Indi-team give a chance to interact with different bloggers and then people start rushing here and there to win different prizes. The best-selfie with another blogger was one of the same little fun game. People have clicked 18-20 selfies and won prizes. The best part was when my tweeted selfie was selected as the first best selfie picture. Kaalicharan (Abhishek Joshi) and i were happy to be nominated but did not through as another seemed a very good boy-friends :P won the domestic package who wanted to go in honeymoon together in Mauritius. OMG, really funny tweepers. If i could be at the janta side, i also might have been shouted to make them win :P
Anyways , we lost :(

Poor Hungry people needs tickets #Skyscanning

It was fun like always. have met so many bloggers whom i always think beyond their writings and they have really different face behind their blog, loved meeting them all.
When the world seems to be busy,
does not matter where I am,
I have my own little world!
Somya: busy in making Skyscanner cartoons :P

I can make you smile baby,
if you give me a
chance to win your heart!

Akanshya: With a bubbly smile


I will make my kisses fly,
high in the sky,
Oh my!, Skyscanner :P

Me and Swati: Chumeshwaris
Now, i have done Mastery in Selfie: Gang @ Skyscanner Meet
last, not the least!

I want to travel around, 
and i am so keen,
because i am a, drama queen!


  1. It was a fun meet and great to read it here! :)
    I also wrote about the meet yesterday and you feature in it. So do check it out! :D

  2. Very nice Jasmeet. Good description of the crazy goings on during the skyscanner meet.

    1. Thanks Madhuji..we really enjoyed even after meet together at CP exhibition :D

  3. hehehe! you guys had so much fun! and all without me! sigh sigh!
    see you soon! Love!

    1. Hey girl where were you.?? seems lost somewhere :( Its been long i see you
      Hope to meet you soon bubbly

  4. You too have captured some funny experiences lol... :) Your 'Poor hungry people, Need airline tickets' was hilarious. Hungry after all that sprawling meal ? :P

    1. Yeah...Food was so awesome even after relishing our appetite wants more n more

  5. sounds like fun unlimited..

  6. Nice captures and recount of the event Jasmeet!

    1. aww Ya Rahulji..Indimeets are always fun :)


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