Apr 9, 2014

HELP! WhatsThatSmellBoss

 It really less bothers me when I see people who do not properly dressed either in the office or at public places but the worst feeling one could bear when it smells bad around and it becomes necessary to wink your eyebrows, squeeze your nose and compelled to raise your eyes up to say- Oh God! Please help, this smell is hell.

How many times it happens when you instantly try to get yourself away from that place where you shrink your whole face and say, Help! #WhatsThatSmellBoss

Below are the situations that normally people experienced and now I am thinking of the same while writing #WhatsThatSmellBoss, terrible odors!

To Men, Please never think of doing your shoes-off at public places!

This is not a joke. I mean how can anybody do like this. The movie was so humorous, it was pleasant floral fragrance in the cinema hall, people were rolling in laughter and suddenly, I coughed loudly in silence, i do not know what happened. I realized someone in the same row had off his shoes and the socks odor was so bad, spreaded around and floral fragrance was just vanished. My friends and I were started staring each other in darkness and without any numbness, we thought #WhatsThatSmellBoss, really hell. Men who are well dressed from head to toe with tip-top suit and tie usually never disquiet making others so uncomfortable by doing their shoes off in the office. Its not yet over. Men have actually never encounter how worst the sinked socks smells when men off their shoes even inside the cab and started relaxing by stretching , yawing after office hours as if cab is going to be their moving room and nobody else is sitting next to them. Gurrrr!

Please stop considering perfume as an alternate of not taking bath!

Okay! I know this is quite funny. Actually not funny but a weird fact that men thinks women are more of sneaking perfumes. To the extent, they are right. Though I am girl but not of those perfume girls. Some men are crazy for branded perfumes and rest are very clear why do they use. I personally have problem a bit of sinus and avoid perfumes/deodorants to the extent. Sometimes it made me bethink number of times that how AXE can be so effecting in exposing the fact of attracting women? I mean, #WhatsthatsmellBoss really an insane advertisement, isn`t? I remember, few months back when AXE, launch one peaceful commercial message and got hit in market which was “Make Love not war”. Okay, this is something out of my level of understanding. Marketing team can launch anything to be downed people. 
Please, please guys, use AXE shower gel and take warm water bath twice, I guess much better than use chemically formed deodorants. Perfumes smells good but these are toxic actually inked to so many health issues.

Brush properly, mouth odor sucks!

The worst embarrassment ever when you have to hold your words inside and bind your lips off because some of your close ones would have said without any hesitation- #WhatsThatSmellBoss. Have you ever seen that Colgate ProGum Ad? Oh God! Sometimes I feel if I could also see the bacteria inside my mouth. There are billions of bacterias feeding off the starches that cling to your teeth and the back of your tongue. Those who suffers from bad breathing or halitosis usually dissipated people around them and can face ostracism and insufferable shame.

Please help in making your home environment clean! Gutter smell, yukkkk

The biggest problem of Indian homes is Gutter-System. Even in big cities, there are places which actually needs attention to protects home from disastrous water of gutter system. This is another case when you brushed properly , taken showered bath, well dressed, and even soaked with perfumes too still when you go out, your surrounding make you nose squeezed and say #WhatsThatSmellBoss. When you passes by any open brook or draining system, it is the situation of get fainted by asphyxiation. Maintaining your gutter system with timely repairs and gutter cleaning is much more cost effective than paying the price to clean up water damage inside your home later on. We need to understand that number of increasing infectious diseases are because of environmental factors only.

Okay ! so above are the worst disgusting smells I have ever experienced and there are still many we know in our day to day life and can not help much in stopping them:


Eggie smell : I am vegetarian still I use egg in mixing up that with heena for good hair quality and it really sucks and drown me to vomit when I apply egg mixture on my hair.

Cigarettes smoke smell: We all know cigarette smoking is injurious to health, still we cant just help consoling our hearts by saying this statements. People who are addicted really do not bother who all are coughing due to that smoke.

Puke smell: It is common for a lady who is pregnant and yet we cant stop them too who vomits because of any food stuff.

When someone farts: It is actually self explanatory. I can not resist my laugh whenever I think of Salman Khan scene of farted loudly in Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam and he felt embarrassed being noticed by Aishwarya. There are still many scenes in another movies like that. Fun with smell, hell.
Smell of fishes: We can not stop people especially Bengalis eating rotten fishes but for a vegetarian neighbor it is really difficult to bear the smell that comes from their exhaust fan. 

Dead Rats: It becomes difficult to stay at home when you find a dead rat. 

Roadside Toilets/urine smell: I do not know how to make indian men realized that standing anywhere across the wall is both weird and smelly. Ishhh. 

Smell of medicines: Isn`t, hospital and medicine smells just irritates a lot.

Garbage dump or smell of waste material.

Smell of ammonia is really penetrating and irritating.

I am about to end up saying that old people body odor also makes me so furious, and seriously that moment compelled me sometimes to hold them under hot water shower but no other option except making my nose squeezed. 

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