Jun 24, 2014


Hello Beautiful Ladies!

It gives me an immense pleasure to announce the new sub-page of my personal blog is “ReviewPad” which will present reviews of all those products either I am using or used in past.

Disclaimer: Before I move on writing, wanna claim the reviews i am going to present including pictures are solely owned by me and absolutely my take on for the products. My reviews and feedbacks can be assertive, highly appreciative, full of criticism or can be negative too.

I would love to shape-up my reviews which would be based on followings:
  1. Images
  2. B&P : Brand and Product
  3. RR : Review Report/ My Take on
  4. C&MP : Cost and market-price, Quantity
  5. P&C : Pros & Cons
  6. Chief Point; if recommended or not

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