Jul 27, 2014

Life without a Bank.........

When I was a kid I had a small piggy bank and I am sure every kid would have save their pocket money in their own money-lockers. Counting the collection every month to know what money I have saved was real fun for me. Sometimes, the pleasure of life resides in small things and counting your saved money was one of them. The piggy banks have been used for over centuries and still kids are crazy to save their pocket-money to their money-boxes.

Time has been changed. We have a highly sophisticated financial system now and this system is called a financial “BANK”. Life do change when we grow up. 21st century system of piggy banks has been changed to savings and investment which outstripped the ability of adults.

Have you ever given a thought that what would be our life without a Bank or Banking Services? Life without a bank-account is like having food without salt. I know the comparison is pretty witty but it is the fact. A secure system of banking services gives you easy and tasteful life without worries.

I have observed broadly that the customer satisfaction like low income people with banking services has fallen for years but is it really possible to live a civilized life without a bank? Life would be Time sucker then.

I have tried once during one week dalliance with bank-free life style , it was not at all a good idea to keep all my money in wallet. 

This is what your friends may think. Do you really want such people who keep an eye on your wallet all the time and say - "Oh! Your wallet is blessed with money. "

How would you secure your money at home?  

Okay! If you are owner of huge cash, put some of your money under your mattress, put some in your piggy bank and bury some in your back garden and live your life in sleepless nights. Dreams of your unsecured money will give you an uneasy life, Indeed! Try once.

Do you really need a financial advisor to secure your money or a bank account is enough? who is giving you a secured life? 
Be easy , Live easy and have a BANK ACCOUNT.
Could you manage to be the owner of a big-house if you do not have cash down-payment? 

Either spend your life time money to buy a house or be a rich dad, save you cash and make an intelligent investment. Would it be really possible without a bank? THINK!

Could it be possible to fulfill the aspirations of higher studies in abroad? 

21st century is the era of technology. Do you still like to be in the queue to pay your electricity, telephone or other bills?

Could it be possible to buy clothes without cash OR Can you really go-cash only?

You are tired to go out. Can you still shop anything without going out?

Everything sounded so easy and convenient if we are compiled with banking services. We can buy anything from anywhere by the credit/debit cards issued by a bank, We can pay our bills online, we can buy a home and study abroad from home/education bank-loan services. 

You can never be an anti-social person with banking-services. What else do you need? Make your life easy and be a social human-being because “Banking is now social.” 

More than 15K people have already joined. What are you waiting for?  Come guys, join Jiffi and be a social insect.

This is truly written for Indiblogger contest for Mahindra Kotak-jiffi

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