Jul 5, 2014

Review: L'oreal Paris-KAJAL MAGIQUE

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Hope the start of weekend is pretty good for everyone. I am feeling bit lazy this morning, eyes are little mushy and drowsy. I thought to review something about so that I can feel little better. Making collages of image products is another interest I am into it these days that makes me cheesy too.

Product: L'oreal Paris-KAJAL MAGIQUE
Price: Rs. 245 Original launched price but now you can get in 209.75 Rs. online (amazon.com)
Quantity: 0.35gms.

My Take On!

I do not know if I have to state this kajal as MAGIC* but truly my go on for this product is quite unassertive. It has truly done some tragic rather than magic to my eyes in two days of usage. I have spent 2000rs. in visit to the eye-clinic on the cost of 245rs. There is some chemical used in this which did not suited to me and my eyes got infected for almost 1.5 months. I have suffered from watery eyes for whole day and night and the unstoppable flow of mucus(eye-fluid) made my eyes dry in 10 days of infection. The bad news is i can not use any sort of eye product for next 4-5 months as doctor suggested. Believe me or not i am not feeling good writing the privative review for the brand like L'oreal. I have both disappointment and annoyance, really. I have a sensitive eyes and so, i prefer branded products always. Also, the chances are negligible of duplicate products if we buy from reputed stores. Anyways, there may be girls using this positively and may not got any troubles but I am seriously, unhappy!


  1. Affordable price.
  2. As mentioned on cover of this product that this is waterproof and smudge free. Indeed!
  3. Easily available on stores and e-shopping.
  4. Extreme black as claimed.
  5. Retractable and twisty as no need to sharpen like pencil.


  1. Not as smooth as it was claimed. I had to swipe number of times to get the color and then i rubbed my eyes unnecessarily.
  2. It started irritating after applying and causes watery eyes.
  3. It can survive for 5-6 hours only. So, as claimed 12 hours does not impacted.
  4. Not at all safe who wear lenses and operated eyes.
  5. Not smooth completely.
  6. It has some chemical which infected my eyes badly on usage only for 2-3 days.
  7. I have not found natural pigmentation, really!

    Colossal and Lakme`s eyeconic are much better and smoother as I have used ealier. Surely, will be back on same. 

    For girls who find this product suitable, 
    You can BUY online:

        Chief-Point : NOT Recommended!
        Disappointed and not recommended!

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