Aug 3, 2014

Few unfolds of my friends.....

Before I go ahead and blow out my feelings today for all those who have a special space in my life...

Wish you all a Happy Friendship day!

There is no validity of friendship and expiry of friends. It has unlimited plan until you are alive.”
People come and go and few just left remarks in your life which may remain unforgettable. Moments you spend either good or worst somehow resides in your deep memory forever even if you would not show it will always stay like hidden files on your functional system.

No one is perfect and every other whom you meet can not be your close one. But when you meet such people whom you find you are most compatible with and the ones who never get hesitated to say anything nonsense, becomes your lifetime friends. Like everybody i too have a list of few gem of people who are my life's hidden files. I can never ctr+alt+del them and if i try to, my system may get crash. It hardly matters I meet or call them every other moment, I know they will always be like bonzers and hunky-dory for me.

I have a small garden of close friends and in the occasion of friendship day, I want to dedicate a testimony to all those whom I have shared a bond of mutual affection.

Vandana Ahuja: The one who had always irritated and compelled me to eat karele and sarso ka saag when she knew I hate both. I do not know how can someone bring green vegetables daily in lunch. Vanu, my school mate and best pal in my hometown. She is one of those girls who speaks less and always smiles. We both were indifferent. I was so talkative and she was reverse of me. An innocent girl with beautiful eyes. She is a girl with full of charm and know how to handle all circumstances. We did not have mobile phones in my school time so every alternate day we were found in each others home together. What a beautiful old days when there was small hall of technology and we were actually aware of how to spend time together without social networking. I changed my school after some time but we were always in touch. It has been six years now when last I met in her marriage and she got settled in different city. She is blessed with a little baby this year and busy in nurturing her. We, now get time to talk on special occasions and i am wishing to meet her soon. Karele is now one of my favorite, really. Two girls who have never fought, never got a jealousy factor and shared a beautiful friendship together.

Atul Arora and Vishal Jha: I have completed my schooling in girls intermediate school. The first two guys I met and enjoyed the good bonding are Atul and Vishal. I met them in my physics tuition classes (I was in class10th) . They used to take care of me like a little baby so that no guy can tease me. Ahh they both were enough to riled me actually. We had never roam or partied together like todays school guys and the most shared chit-chats were related to Physics, Maths and literature tuition classes. We three were career oriented. Gradually, after schooling we joined different coaching for IIT preparation and kept in touch for studies and career aspects. Today, We three are Engineers and working completely in different domains. Vishal is a Software engineer , Atul is a Mechanical and I am a Telecomm professional. We are still in touch with our chit chats and know everything about each others life. Vishal is happily married and i have a grudge for not being the part of his marriage in my hometown, only my family has attended. Atul is roaming the world , guess in Germany at the moment and poked me with his stupid jokes every alternate day. Thanks to networking, how can people live without friends in different country :D.

Vandana Yadav: Another Vandana, wow how lucky i am. A girl of her own world, sensitive and full of laughs. We have completed college together and a bond of 10 years still continuing because luckily we are working in the same organization and in a same team. She was a day-scholar in college and I was a hosteler. The memories of my hostel are unforgettable. Ohh i forgot to mention my roomies Ruchi Gautam and PushpamPriya (Kanpurias). How can i forget them? We are the pals of our good and bad times, shared hostel room together, belong to the same city(Kanpur), shared clothes (our almirah used to be so messy), and have a great understanding. Ruchi and Pushpam were more close because they knew each-other from school time but i made a special entry in their life. We are still in touch. Both are married and well settled. We met a few times in last 2-3 years but now they are quite busy nurturing their newly born babies. Vandana and I am almost alike. The only difference that she is a chart-buster. If you need to broadcast anything please you may contact her. It is very difficult for her to keep things inside her tummy and I hate that, really. We know every single thing about each-other's life . All sort of emotions we shares and I feel lucky to have her.Sasural gainda a perfect song if I have to dedicate her. Heehee, kidding :P

Gaurav Singh: My life's turning point: when I met him by-chance in our college. My senior, mentor, a guide who helped me to come out from my own little shell and a best-pal of good & bad times. We have shared a great companionship together. He is a mini google for everyone. A polite, gentle and a decent man i have ever met. After lot of struggles and hard work he has achieved in his career what he deserves for. Yeah, he may think if he would have been somewhere else how could he be so lucky to have a friend like me. :D . I feel fortunate too. Gradually, we become so close friends that i could share any damn talk with him. He does not know how to be expressive and extrovert which I always hated. I will always wish the best in his life and have learned many great lessons of life from him that i might remember till my last breathe.

Swati Hegde: My Choclaty-Wochlaty, bubbly friend who is now a fashion blogger too. We were together in my last company and worked in the same team. I have changed to another and she left working for higher studies. When the two wants to keep mutual bonding always, they never get apart. This is what happened with both of us. The friendship of 5 years, silly Pjs. ups& down of life, shopping madness and late night Gts, chit-chats seems to me never ending. I am a girl who does not like to visit friends places much but i love to go Swati's home in delhi and enjoy her mommy's made south indian food. Yum. We meet 2-3 times in a month and i wish may this friendship continue for lifetime. Love u babes, you know how to overcome my sickness from your senseless pjs :P

Malay Asthana: A true admirer. blogger, colleague, poet and a nice human being. We met in an official trip and when he got to know I am a blogger and i write, he soon become a great admirer i have known till date. He has a great talent to write in Hindi and English both. Also, he is the part of my blog to write hindi poems. We hardly met once or twice in last 2 years because our siting location in office was different but we always get engage and motivates each-other to write something better next time. He has moved to another city for higher studies and but yes again thanks to social networking, we will definitely be in touch to guide each-other.

Anant Rai:  Have you ever heard FM show of Anant &Saurabh? He is the same RJAnant who has started this show. He is RJ, Editor, Director and a writer, sometimes become an actor too. It is a long story how i know him (more than 3 years now) but i am thankful to God for adding one of very kind person in my life. He is a gem of person. His voice has a real charm and blessed with charming smile. He can make you laugh so easily that you forget all your troubles for that moment.
He is struggling for his dreams and people who dedicatedly chase their dreams surely reaches the destination, does not matter by what time but they do.  I always advice him to never change, remain the same as you are Anant.  

Monika Kumari: When i feel upset, the best place for me to sit polite and think, is restroom (Please do not take it otherwise). And it happened one day when I met moni. I was sad, almost in tears but could not bear to show in office hours. I went washroom to make myself calm and she came with a common friend (Vandana). They both starred at me and made a flimsy look and started laughing. I could stare them too but the very next moment i also smiled. This is what Moni is. She can make you laugh, can take over your stress, suggest the best thing to do next, the one who loves to booze, know how to handle situations (if necessary it does not bother her to use sardonic words), free of mind and most importantly a girl of firm decisions. I feel so blessed to find a strong girl. It has been almost 8-9 months we know each-other. We are so compatible and facing few similar life challenges. We go for movies (usually on release date) and spend weekends together. Indeed i find someone so close these days when i needed the most.

There are many more I have in my list and saved memories with them....
Saurabh (his official nick name is bakri and a friend in need is a friend indeed) but the worst part is, he does not know well to talk women and say anything shit even at public places (I hate this), so childish. But he is kind from his heart and a nice person. One of my good friend and a colleague (Aj Tak of my company).
Sharad and Adwait. We worked together in same team and they are good human-beings. They are always realy to help whenever anyone in need. We shared good mutual understanding professionally.
Bhawna and Kanika (My breakfast partners). I met them during official function preparation and we danced in a group last year oct. Gradually, we are sharing good bonding and meet almost daily in office.

I have many new blogger friends and lived cherishable moments in completely a new society. If i started taking names it may take another many pages to write about them. I love all my blogger friends and you all are the reason i am able to write indoctrinations here.

As i mentioned earlier; people come and go and some stay forever in your hearts by some means.

Today, I want to apologize also if I've ever hurt any of my friend's feelings and if it has happened was completely unintentional. I can never be biased but I can not share everything to every other.

Love you friends!


  1. Amazing post, Jasmeet. Ur such a good friend writing bout ur ode to friendship.
    Happy wala friendship day.

    1. Hey Vishal ...thanku so much dear. Wish u too everyday is a frndship day :)


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