Oct 11, 2014

Bloggers Meet: Wella Color Up Your Life


  Sep27-2014, Select City Mall, Saket, NewDelhi
It was the weekend and pleasant day. I was all set for wella bloggers meet organized by RippleLinks and hosted by special guest, the hairstylist and famous for her different colored hair “Sapna Bhavnani”.
The free pick up services provided by Wella and TaxiForSure was indeed thankful else it would be very difficult to travel the long distance all way from Noida till venue. 

That was my second meet in the same Wella Studio, venue. We were really overwhelmed by the gesture of beautiful ladies, Arthi and Payal.
The agenda of the meet was newly launch product of Wella, “Oil Infuso Color Service”. Oil, which can protect hair from damage, dryness, frizzyness and the sun-exposure.
I met so many known bloggers there and really it was fun filled meet this time. We played colorful activity which actually turned so interactive with other beauty bloggers. 
  The time spent on question-answer was also very helpful and we get to know about the myth and great aspects related to hair.
  1. How to get rid if hair dryness?
  2. How to protect from damage and sun?
  3. What color suits you best?
  4. Why you should not use heena?
  5. It is a myth that coloring gives grey hair...(Be wise to choose hair stylist and specialist and keep yourself away from stress)
  6. Use luke warm water once a week to increase the circulation in the hair follicles.
  7. Use shampoo and conditioner wisely. (Beware using conditioner on roots)
  8. Split ends are caused when the hair is dry and brittle. It's important to keep your hair moisturized but they won't disappear with the right product.
  9. Exposure to harsh sunlight is not only dangerous but can dry out the hair follicles and leave you hair feeling brittle. It does not always mean that hair color will get fade under sun. It is just the matter of fact that the excess of sun can damage normal hair too.
  10. Brushing multiple of times in a day wont give straight hair or shining but yeah it can be the reason of your hair tearing and falls down.
  11. Combing your hair when wet can cause breakage. So this is a complete myth that only Hair colors are damaging the hair.
  12. What I have asked: How Oil Infuso makes difference from other Serum available in the market? (Answer: Best for colored hair and protects from harsh sunlight)
There were many questions asked in the meet. Sapna and Gaurav (Wella Scientist) gave satisfactory revert. Now, really after this session I have decided to stop using heena, it is actually making my hair dry. 


Oooo Lady with long hair..taking tips to use Oil Infuso..use only 2-3 pumps.
A happy ending made that meet really worth and selfie session with Sapna was also great. What I think was missed out a “Group Photo” with Sapna and all lady bloggers. 
We all got the Wella Oil-Infuso product at the end and my review soon to be shared..

Stay Tune ...Phir Milenge :)

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