Oct 8, 2014

I dont find u when i need...

I cried every second,
every minute
that i can't count,
I have shown my feelings
without any sound,
loved you,missed you,
i know you will hold
whenever i need you..
given my best to be in your life,
never bothered about the clock,
the time spent,
the moment lived,
taken for granted in stiffed..
Now, life is same,
you are disappeared,
I dint find you 
when needed...
I turned my back,
to move far away..
you didn't stop me
to hold,
didn't call me
to know,
didn't bother 

to meet,
may be you don't want
to see...
you abandon me or I,
striving all
which need to be on high..
you might cry silently,
silent may be the efforts,
All i know,
i don't see you now
when in need...
Matters the most 
what would be the end, 
this is what destiny desired
to be on bend.......


  1. Poignant poem, Jasmeet. Maybe it is what you say, destiny had other ideas... or maybe it was a misunderstanding. Difficult to know at times.

    1. Thanks Vinay...It is the common story of all those suffered from the same.....people who accepts the destiny stop striving probably and misunderstanding happens once not always


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