Dec 29, 2014

And i knew i can do this....

I was trapped in my own plan to demonstrate the presentation that day. It was difficult to hold on tears still i have managed to cry a little in a rest-room. 

I was at on-site (In Belgium) to deliver a sales presentation to big management giants. After working hard from last 3 months i was all prepared to show the sales-presentation to all stakeholders. I was nervous yet confident and presented well for what i had prepared from so long. The round of applause and sound of claps had motivated me through. I knew somewhere i will get that Euro -Contract easily for signing-in because there were only two group members (one from US and another from India-Banglore) except me who have joined to show the sales-bid in Europe. After a day when one of the stakeholders had informed separately in an e-mail that the contract will be signing off with a another guy from India, I held back my words with open mouth, acknowledged somewhere it was me who brought that guy in a win-win situation. 

He was a known friend of my friend to me. A day before i had a talk with him and i was aware of his deliverables were very weak and non beneficial to the market. I have shown my bid, sales products tag-lines and deliverables to him which was confidential for outside of my organization. I did that to know about his deal and plan so that i can manage my  own. I was telling all truths and he had lied to me in every statement. He has added value benefits from my bid to his own deal-pack while giving his presentation.

Even though I knew the outcomes of telling about my deal to him, I still do not know what was the need to know about his presentation?

“It is the first and last blunder” - I promised to myself.

I pretended next day to my boss how difficult it was to get that deal in hands.  My boss has relied on me blindly and for him we have just lost one Euro - Contract. He guided me that I should have start handling other projects after doing the gap-analysis so that same mistakes would not repeat.

He was still humble and kind on the day I informed that I did not achieve for what i planned for because he knew I worked very hard. I knew if i could have said the truth to my boss, he definitely would have been find the way to save that contract on the same day of presentation. I knew i was the defaulter.  I could not express the feeling in front of him. I was feeling so upset and anxiety can simply be sensed out from my voice.

I did not sleep well whole night and a very next morning the first thing i did, “dialed the boss number.” I explained him everything word to word and accepted my fault. He was just listening and I was apologizing in my each statement.
After 30 seconds silence, “Start working hard on other projects and ensure would not repeat what you did. It is highly confidential to other organizations.” He recognized how guilty I am and those words are deep remarked inside me till date.

I felt so relaxed and believe me telling the truth to my boss was less plaintive than the pain of saying many lies. 

This is fictional written for KINLEY - "Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein" 
Happy Hours.

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