Dec 31, 2014

How I realized Life is beautiful.....

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How I realized Life is beautiful.....

Before this year pass
and we will be short from
another year of our lives …
I would like to thank
each one of my pals
who made me realized
how beautiful I am and my name,
so I can see you all are the same..

Beauty is not only visible-
Beauty is not which can
only be seen
it has a time to die,
Beauty is something you have to earn
not available anywhere to buy.......

Eyes are not enough to see the world-
The hidden sufferings to keep back,
The lingering doubts of my mind,
when I see all roads full of grief,
feels grim and that all go whole blind ….

Usual yet uncouth thought-
Why to worry in troubles?
when you can live with a smile,
with those who are ready
to be with you in all hurdle......

Difficult yet possible to hold in pain-
Dance like no one is watching you,
sing like you are the only to hear,
live your life without judging demos,
and ponder you are the only left in sphere....

Truths unchangeable yet changes are doable-
Sky is darker at night and
the same is brighter in the day,
These states cant be changed but
every question has a solution always

Many are alike yet you are unique
There are millions similar stories
are personified,
You are unique in your own way,
life is one to express, to live
and leave the careless world beside


  1. May we read more amazing poems from you this year :-) Happy New Year :-)

    1. Yeah sure...Motivated through from all ur great poems indeed! happy new Year 2015

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