Dec 8, 2014

Life is so unpredictable........

The unexpected usually happens only when you stop ruminating. And, this thought has made me strongest I had ever been. I have stopped putting extra efforts and do not chase for things or people anymore. The sun is rising at the same time and dawn moves to brightest night as usual. Clock is running the way it was and the time is flying in my deep thoughts. If you are ready to experience everyday as a new day in your life then indeed, troubles may think twice to knock your door every morning.

I was exhausted in trying against luck yet never let the hope go far away from me. I knew few things are meant to happen in life by destiny yet I always believed in making my own. I knew i am the only maker of my own choices yet I waited for better & better.

Life is seriously so unpredictable. It leads to the path you will never think of and you may end losing the one you dream to get the most. Be it your beloved, your career, friend or family, it happens in everyones life when you give a thought that , “Why me” ? This “Why Me” is the common foreshow and it not only foreshows the reality of our times but also depicts the reality as a seeming illusion. Unpredictable life depicted me that right time never comes but you have to create the one and you may have to face the trail of failures. If you try to fabricate your choices, Bang-On, this society will never let you do. What to do then? Let shrug off and live the life because you are strong enough or keep chasing? If your decisions are dependent, you will never be able to live the life that you want to. So, “Why me” in reality is the ground of people screaming the same.

You will never get to know that this life is so unpredictable unless you will learn how many times you are allowing others to kick you hard on your back, to let them disrespect you and finally, when you fail multiple times, you give up and say "Life is so unpredictable".

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